by Doris Bernlohr

AAUW NC began the meeting on Friday afternoon with a training session for those wanting to be involved in the WAGE project as facilitators/trainers.

Friday night’s board meeting was followed on Saturday by a series of “conversations” among attendees which produced some lively and beneficial discussion. Continuing conversations included:

  • St. Louis Convention — the bylaws, workshops, and more (see additional report)
  • STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Projects which a number of our branches have been providing for women and girls in NC. Sue Metz from the Greensboro Branch, the NC liaison for the National Girls Collaborative Project, made a presentation.
  • Karla Atkinson and Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo led the conversation on the WAGE Project and its relatively new partnership with AAUW.  A number of our members have now been trained to conduct $mart $tart campus negotiation workshops to junior and senior women on campus. These workshops will train women graduating from college on how to negotiate for fair and equal pay. [See for additional information.]

The final session of the day was on Public Policy led by Elaine Ostrowski our NC Public Policy chair, Mary Peterson, and Doris Bernlohr. This session concentrated on advocacy and our responsibility as individual members and branches to work for passage of legislation that AAUW or AAUW NC puts our name on. This conversation also produced helpful feedback for reworking some procedures for adding our name to legislation in a way that is workable, timely, and effective.

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