Our virtual branch reached a milestone

thb-10th-anniversaryWe’ll be celebrating the branch’s 10th anniversary at the AAUW NC conference in Greensboro in March. We do hope you’ll be able to join us! Please plan to be at the PTI Airport Marriott for dinner on Friday, March 22!

Learn about AAUW

Learn about the branch

This is one of the newest branches of AAUW – advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Joining AAUW means joining  a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

That is the AAUW value promise, and traditionally the AAUW mission has been carried forward by members in local groups (called “branches”) that sponsor projects, programs, informal gatherings, and special events. As women’s lives have become busier, the members who participate in these local groups have become a smaller portion of the total membership — more and more members are joining “at-large,” connecting to AAUW as individuals and forgoing the benefits of close connections to other members.

This new branch provides a different kind of community for those at-large members. Those in areas of the state where there is no location-based branch and those for whom location-based branches are not a good “fit” are invited to join this new Tar Heel Branch which serves the entire state of North Carolina.

Once a member, you will have access to the branch roster — and perhaps you’ll find others nearby who have also chosen to affiliate this way. You’ll be able to contact them if a local issue pops up — perhaps something in front of the school board or a special event another of your groups is hosting. You’ll get copies of the AAUW NC newsletters and be “in the loop” on AAUW issues affecting the state. You’ll also be connected to the national AAUW community and receive all the benefits of belonging to that powerful network.

Now at more than 100 members, we are beginning to form groups of members who live or work near each other as well as groups on a few campuses. Our hope is that these groups will carry out the AAUW mission just like location-based branches — but in more flexible ways to suit today’s women.

For more about how joining this branch adds value to your AAUW membership please see our

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