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Learn about AAUW

Learn about the branch

We are a branch of the national nonprofit membership organization, AAUW – the American Association of University Women, advancing gender equity for women and girls through and research, education, and advocacy.

All our work is nonpartisan and we move forward in a way that is fact-based, has integrity, and honors inclusion and intersectionality as we reach for the AAUW vision of “Equity for All”.

Traditionally the AAUW mission has been carried forward by members in local groups (called “branches”) that sponsor projects, programs, informal gatherings, and special events. As women’s lives have become busier, the members who participate in these local groups have become a smaller portion of the total membership — more and more members are joining “at-large,” connecting to AAUW as individuals and forgoing the benefits of close connections to other members.

This new branch provides a different kind of community for those at-large members. Those in areas of the state where there is no location-based branch and those for whom location-based branches are not a good “fit” are invited to join the Tar Heel Branch which serves the entire state of North Carolina.

Once a member, you will be subscribed to the branch email list and have access to the branch roster –providing a network of those who have also chosen to affiliate this way with whom you can share news of AAUW and related organizations. You’ll get copies of the AAUW NC newsletters and be “in the loop” on AAUW issues affecting the state. You’ll also be connected to the national AAUW community and receive all the benefits of belonging to that powerful network.

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