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Branch name tags

Many of our members represent AAUW at events where a name tag comes in  handy. We did a prototype of a new branch name tag and distributed them at the Fall meeting in Charlotte:

Sample name tags


We’re providing these at a bit below cost ($5) to branch members. If you’d like one send,

  • a check to Nancy (address) or use the donate link to send money to the branch via PayPal or a credit card.  Additional donations are welcome to support branch efforts.
  • also send her (info@tarheel.aauwnc.org or include with your check) how you want the name tag set up: First name, Last name, and Text under the logo (which can be the name of your primary branch)

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2013

Miss Representation in Durham Nov. 29

The branch will be a co-sponsor of the showing of the film Miss Representation in Durham on Tuesday evening, Nov. 29 thanks to contributions from members in Wake County.

For more information see the event on the Ipas Facebook page.

More than 100 people from a wide range of organizations are expected. Join us for a great evening!

Do you carry Membership Forms?

The Tar Heel Branch membership form has been updated to have our new treasurer’s address and to add a line to give the name of the person who recruited the new member. (There’s a national honor roll of recruiters — fill in your name to get added to that list and entered into drawings for Member-get-a-Member prizes.)

Please do carry forms with you and when issues of equity for women and girls come up in conversation, find a way to tell people about what AAUW is doing.

The new 2011-2012 membership brochures are now available from the national office. They are better than the branch brochure for introducing AAUW to people who aren’t familiar with it at all and for explaining the benefits of joining AAUW at the national level. So stock your purse/briefcase/backpack with these materials:

Watch for new ways that the branch is going to recognize its best recruiters, and start thinking about who among your friends and colleagues could benefit from an AAUW membership!

New Member Information

We’ve created a new page on this site, a New Member Guide that you can find under the About link on the menu — or go right to tarheel.aauwnc.org/new-member.

Handout for the tour of the branch web resourcesThe branch information is based on the demo we did at the AAUW NC meeting, and you might also want to download the handout for that.

If you have suggestions, questions that aren’t answered, links to other information that helps explain our complex organization to new members, please do chime in by posting a comment below.

130th Anniversary Membership Campaign

The AAUW 130th Anniversary Membership Campaign started on November 1. Branch members are encouraged to recruit new members — and earn a chance at a free membership for themselves. There is also a new discounted membership for graduate students. See the table below, and contact us if there are any questions. See aauwnc.org and aauw.org for additional details.

Except for the regular dues of $65, the following amounts apply to new members and those rejoining after a break of at least two years.

Membership Type Join Date Expiration Date Dues (regular) Dues (graduate student)
Best Value Dec. 2010- Feb. 2011 6/30/12 $73.00 $42.81*
Trial Jan. 2011  – Feb. 2011 6/30/11 $32.50 $32.50
Annual** April 2011 – Nov. 2011 6/30/12 $65.00 $34.81
New Graduate (any degree) Jan-Feb June 30 of the next year $24.00 $24.00
New Graduate (any degree) April-December June 30 of the next year $16.00 $16.00

*Contact us if you want to take advantage of this and pay online.
**This assumes no change in dues amounts for the 2011-2012 year.

This post was originally published November, 2010, but has been updated in January, 2011.

Networking event in Cary

Seated: Joyce, Joan, Treka. Standing: Christina, Carol, Jenine, Nancy


On December 9, about half of the members in Wake County gathered for an informal lunch. Handouts included

As you would expect, the lunch discussion was lively and wide ranging – few of the attendees had met each other before. In addition, Joyce, the chair of the branch nominating committee for next year described the open positions and got some expressions of interest in helping this new-style branch grow in its next year.

Branch brochure updated

The branch membership brochure has been updated for 2010-2011. We have also produced an insert that you can use with the national membership brochure, particularly if you are recruiting members who may decide to transfer to one of the community based branches:

In addition, here is a brochure for the national public policy brochure if you’d like to inform people about how AAUW NC has worked on AAUW priorities.

Finally, did you know that any member can get a few copies of the major AAUW brochures. If you’ll be going to an event where people may be interested in AAUW, be sure you ask for a few free brochures to “spread the word.” In addition to the membership and public policy brochures, there are brochures for use in recruiting on campus, and information about AAUW fellowships and grants. To place an order, login to the http://www.aauw.org Member Center, then Forms and select “Supply Order Form” from the “Branch Forms” section. Larger quantities of the brochures can be ordered through ShopAAUW (the brochures are free, you only pay shipping and handling).

Update to branch brochure

The branch brochure has been updated to account for the $5 increase in branch dues as of July 1. Please print copies to have with you when you expect to meet people who would like to learn more about the opportunity to connect to AAUW in this way that also provides the benefits of connecting to the state organization:

AAUW Tar Heel Branch Brochure, Fall 2009

Welcome to other AAUW NC members

While this branch’s main purpose is to provide a community for those AAUW members in North Carolina who live far from the nearest community-based branch or for whom such a branch is not a good fit, the AAUW Tar Heel Branch welcomes those whose main AAUW affiliation is through a community-based branch. Why would you join this branch if you’re already a member of another branch in North Carolina?

  1. You can offer the option of the Tar Heel Branch to those you meet who are interested in AAUW but say “I just don’t have time for one more meeting.” The Tar Heel Branch is a “guilt-free” branch whose main purpose is to connect people to the information provided by AAUW and AAUW NC. What they do with that information is up to them.
  2. You can watch the roster of the Tar Heel Branch for people from your community who might join – or who might convert from at-large status. These members want more than a national at-large membership, and while they might not be ready to join your branch now, you can contact them as a fellow Tar Heel branch member with news of your main branch’s major projects and events.
  3. You might learn more about using “virtual office” tools by watching how the branch conducts board meetings (by phone), calls votes (over the web), and communicates using its web site and a Google group. While these obviously don’t replace the face-to-face meetings of your community-based branch, they might be applicable to your committee meetings or your board.
  4. Until July 1, 2009, once you’ve paid your dues to another North Carolina branch, you can join the Tar Heel Branch for free. After July 1, it’s just $5.

For more details, see our “join now” page