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e-Newsletter v2010.02

President’s Message


Sixteen members of the Tar Heel Branch were in attendance for a great weekend of educational workshops, to conduct business, tour the UNC Charlotte campus and much, much more.  Our thanks to THB members Diane Schneider, president of the Charlotte Branch which hosted the convention, Elizabeth Laney, also of Charlotte who was a key member of Diane’s convention team as well as the AAUW NC Bylaws Chair, and Karla Atkinson and Lill van Order, AAUW NC Co-Program VP’s, for putting it all together with style. See www.aauwnc.org for updates and the AAUW NC Facebook page for pictures of many of the branch members.


Last year at our annual meeting in Wilmington I challenged our branch to double our membership by the time we left Charlotte in 2010.  We did just that!!  Our membership at the annual meeting in Wilmington/2009 was 28 members.  Just hours before our annual meeting in Charlotte….Lois McCarthy/Sandhills-Southern Pines and Bonnie Will of the Charlotte Branch took us to the goal of 56 members.  Thanks to all of you who helped us reach this membership goal.  To double this number again next year is a steep climb, but we can do this!!   Let’s keep the momentum going.

Other THB business consisted of reports from the president, treasurer, Nancy Shoemaker, and AAUW NC membership chair, Sheila Bassoppo-Mayo.  Kathleen Hilton, one of our convention delegates also spoke to us about her work for the THB on the UNC Pembroke campus and her success in recruiting new members for the branch (see below). Watch for an update about the THB social event to be held on May 15 in Burlington. Directions and other information will be coming to you very soon.


Tar Heel Branch members joined other AAUW NC members at the Radisson Hotel RTP on March 11, 2010 to participate in the first NC Women United Membership Showcase.  The THB board voted to support this event as part of our marketing outreach, and AAUW NC was one of two primary sponsors. Branch members Michelle Evans and Nancy Shoemaker are on the NCWU board and helped to organize the event. This membership event was a great opportunity to network with other NCWU member organizations. We learned much more about each others’ organizations.  This event also brought the THB one more new member — welcome to Jenine Atoji!


AAUW was selected by the National Science Foundation to conduct a study of women’s underrepresentation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The study titled Why So Few has been released and many of those who attended the AAUW NC Convention have extra copies, and you can request a copy at www.aauw.org. I am placing another copy in the Elon University Library this week — if you want more copies for your  county or campus library, please let me know. To address the issue,  the Chapel Hill Branch has been doing a STEM project with local elementary girls for a number of years with great success and it has just been announced that the Greensboro branch has won an AAUW Community Action Grant for a STEM related project.

Doris Bernlohr

Welcome New Members

We have nine new members since February 1.

Charlotte: Diane Schneider, president of the Charlotte branch, joined as a dual member in March. Her friend and fellow branch member Bonnie Will joined at the AAUW NC meeting. They join other members in/near Charlotte – Elizabeth Laney, Queen Thompson, Lyndee Champion Ivey, Monique Stamps, and Rose Stremlau.

UNC Pembroke: Sharon Bell, Leah Holland Fiorentino, and Sherry Edwards are members of the faculty at UNC Pembroke and were recruited by Kathleen Hilton. Rose Stremlau is also on the faculty at UNCP.

College/University Partners: Ada Gregory, the College/University representative for Duke University, joined the branch in March, joining Joanne Woodard (NCSU) as the second C/U rep connected to the branch. When an institution joins AAUW as a College/University partner, their primary representative can join the branch at no additional charge, and any of their students who take advantage of the free e-student affiliate program can also connect to the branch for free. See the list of partner institutions in NC.

Jenine Atoji of Cary joined the branch at the NCWU Member Showcase. [We also recruited a member for the Asheville branch at that event.]

Magdalena Maiz-Pena, a former EF Fellow who spoke at the 2003 AAUW NC convention and a faculty member at Davidson College, joined in March.

Lois McCarthy of the Sandhills/Southern Pines branch joined as a dual member (meaning her primary affiliation with AAUW is through another branch) at the AAUW NC convention.

Please see the branch roster (on the aauw.org “Member Services Database”) to find contact information for each other. If you’re on Facebook, connect to http://facebook.com/nancy.e.shoemaker and look for each other on her list of friends. It’s likely we’ll be starting a Facebook group for the branch to make it easier for us to share information about our backgrounds and interests. If anyone has ideas on other ways you’d like to do a branch “directory”, please contact Doris or Nancy (info@tarheel.aauwnc.org).

Events and Opportunities

  • April 22-24, Alamance County WRC Herb Festival, Burlington. Alamance County branch members will be helping out Friday 4-7:30, and branch member Becky Mock is one of the organizers.
  • April 26, 11:30 – 1:00, release of the NCWU Legislative Report Card. www.ncwu.org
  • April 27, 2 – 3 pm. Webinar on new AAUW report, Why So Few?
  • June 3-5, College Park MD – National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Spread the word to the college women you know about this AAUW sponsored event.
  • June 16-19, 2011. The biennial AAUW convention in Washington, DC. Let’s have a good turnout of branch members. Please put it on your calendar!




e-newsletter v 2010.01

President’s Letter

Dear THB Members,

As I sit here today completely snowed in, I know it will get warmer soon. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes many exciting events for THB members.


I want to invite and encourage each of you to join us in Charlotte on April 16-17 for the AAUW NC state convention. THB members Karla Atkinson/ Brevard and Lill Van Van Order/Wilmington (Program Co-VP) have joined the Charlotte Branch to put together a memorable weekend at the Hilton. If you have never been to a state convention before please join us. You will meet some outstanding women committed to bringing the mission of AAUW alive.  Be a part of this excitement. Convention information/registration etc. will be coming to you soon.


The annual meeting of the THB also takes place once a year at the site of our state convention.  This meeting will take place in Charlotte on Saturday, April 17 at 4:30 in the same room we will be in. I need a quorum of 10% to move the business forward.


On Feb.22 information will be posted online of members who have agreed to run for office in the THB.  On March 8th the ballot will go up and voting will begin.  We will also be voting on a couple of bylaw changes.  We had a very positive response last year to our online ballot.  Please watch for this election news and don’t forget to vote. Thanks again to our nominating committee, Grace Knecthel-Chair, Mary Morrow and Judy Atkinson.


A short branch survey has been posted at <contact info@tarheel.aauwnc.org for the link, or find it in the e-mail list archives>. It is very important that each of you take a few minutes and give us the feedback we are requesting. This THB model (a branch without borders) is fairly new to AAUW.  This survey is a “report card” of our branch and we want to know how you think we are doing and what we need to change.  Your comments are very important to us as we move forward.  I’m very interested in hearing also from THB members in Omaha, NE, Avon Lake, Ohio, Longwood, Florida,  Radford, VA, and Easton, PA.


Our membership has seen great growth this year.  We had 28 members last Feb 1, 19 primary members and 9 dual (who belong to another branch as their first/primary branch).  Now we have 48: 29 primary, 18 dual, and one college/university representative.  Three members switched from dual to primary.  In the last year we have recruited 25 new members to this branch without borders.  Keep it up!

Doris Bernlohr, President
Tar Heel Branch


Additional branch news (or see http ://tarheel.aauwnc.org/news )

AAUW NC news (or see http://aauwnc.org/news)

e-newsletter v. 2009-06

President’s Message

Dear THB members,

It was beautiful in the mountains as many of us headed to Boone for the AAUW state meeting.  We gathered at the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center on the campus of Appalachian State University on October 9-10.

We took care of many business items, had a few workshops, and enjoyed great fellowship with other members from around the state.

One of the meeting highlights was saying thank you to THB member/treasurer, Nancy Shoemaker for the many vital roles she has played in AAUW NC over the last decade. A framed copy of a resolution was presented to her by AAUW NC president Millie Hoffler-Foushee recognizing her many contributions. Congratulations, Nancy.

Congratulations, too, to branch member Queen Thompson who has been appointed to the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Committee. She is the only member from North Carolina other than AAUW Finance Vice President Millie Hoffler-Foushee who is serving on any of the national committees and task forces. Congratulations, Queen.

The new structuring of AAUW as a non profit organization has required us to update our bylaws to conform to new changes voted on in St. Louis in June. Board members spent time in Boone working on bylaws issues.  I am happy to announce that your bylaws committee members Nancy Shoemaker, Pat Abell and Doris Bernlohr have finished our update which is now posted on our website.

We also spent time in Boone going over the new AAUW Affiliate Agreement.  All AAUW states and branches must sign this new Affiliate Agreement affirming their affiliation with AAUW by October 31, 2009. By signing this new affiliate agreement, branches and states that are state tax exempt under IRS Code 501(c)(4) also affirm intent to be included in AAUW’s new group tax exemption. With the restructuring of AAUW so that the 501(c)(3) charitable entity is now the organization’s dominant membership entity previous agreements are no longer valid.  Signing this new Affiliate Agreement entitles members to deduct a major portion of their national membership dues on their federal tax returns for the first time.

As our branch without borders moves into our second year, our first nominating committee has been appointed by the board.  The charge to the nominating committee is to craft a slate for the election next spring — president, treasurer, and directors-at large. Many thanks to the following members who have agreed to serve on the committee:

Grace Knechtel, Chair/Raleigh
Judythe Atkinson/Winston Salem
Mary Morrow/Statesville

We currently have 45 members and we need the help of everyone if the branch is to be successful. Remember, I asked each of you to bring at least one new member into our group before Dec. 31. One way to do that is with our gift membership program. To get you started see the new “gift membership” section on the branch web site: http://tarheel.aauwnc.org/give-a-gift

Doris Bernlohr, President
Tar Heel Branch

Recent AAUW updates

AAUW NC news

  • NCVCE Annual Meeting – those near Raleigh who support AAUW’s work for clean elections may want to participate in this anniversary meeting/reception
  • AAUW NC Fall Meeting – information is still being posted on what happened at that meeting

Other branch news

If you’d like to “stay in the loop,” one way to do that without getting even more e-mail is to join Facebook. Most people join Facebook so that they can share pictures and other updates with close friends, but it’s also a way to get information from organizations. So if you do join, please become a “fan” of AAUW North Carolina — simply login to Facebook, go to http://bit.ly/aauwnc-fb, then click the “become a fan” button at the top. Information from AAUW NC will show up in your Facebook home page along with the other information from your friends.

e-newsletter v2009.05


What: Hors d’ oeuvres and wine

When:  Friday, September 25, 2009– 5-7 p.m.

Where: Home of branch member, Burlington, NC

This is strictly a social get-together for a couple of hours for anyone who can join us. Her  home in Twin Lakes is less then ten minutes from Exit 140 off I-40.  I hope many of you will join us. Bring a prospective member with you.

In September a reminder will be sent which will include directions and RSVP instructions.  Dress is casual.  We’re keeping it simple, and hope you will join us.


As you may have heard by now, the St. Louis convention was energizing, inspiring, and surprising. Click here for a brief report on what happened.


The AAUW NC meeting in Hendersonville provided information on two important aspects of AAUW programming: work on projects to engage girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and the new training project to help college women get the best possible salary in their first job. There was also a discussion on how the AAUW NC public policy priorities fit with the national priorities and how they are developed. Click here to learn more about the summer meeting.

Doris Bernlohr,
President, THB

These links are for further information on our complex organization. Click the ones that fit your interest and time. You can find all of these in the NEWS section on the branch website http://tarheel.aauwnc.org or http://aauwnc.org.


  • Welcome to new members — find out who has joined us in May and June
  • Branch status — some statistics on how this new branch model is doing as we finish our first year
  • Branch financial report (draft) — how are we doing financially? List of 2008-2009 donors. [If you’d like to volunteer to review this report, please contact Doris or Nancy.]


This newsletter was distributed through the branch e-mail list, and an archived copy can be found there, too. The e-mail edition is more complete since it contains some member phone numbers and direct e-mail addresses.

e-newsletter v2009.04


As delegates prepare for our convention in St. Louis, Missouri June 26-28, I hope each of you have also taken the time to be informed.  Change is in the air as we deal with new bylaw proposals.

The proposed bylaw changes before us all began in 2005 when the boards of AAUW began a strategic process to address AAUW’s ability to be a viable organization in the future.  At the 2007 convention in Phoenix, the members unanimously voted to restructure AAUW. At the same time delegates also instructed the AAUW Bylaws Committee to prepare revised bylaws that reflect this restructuring.

Another major issue to be decided in St. Louis is whether to open our membership to anyone who supports our mission to promote equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.

A complete copy of the proposed bylaws can be found in the latest special convention issue of Outlook. I invite each of you to check it out.

The Tar Heel branch will be well represented in St. Louis.  At this time– members Karla Atkinson, Shelia Bassoppo-Mayo, Mary Fran Schickedantz, Nancy Shoemaker, and Queen Thompson will be St. Louis bound.  The Tar Heel branch is entitled to one vote, and I will be your voting delegate at convention.

If any of you have questions or comments you would like to address to any of us before we go to St Louis –we welcome and encourage them.

I want to thank each of you for your continued support of the Tar Heel Branch.  If each one of us can bring at least one more person to join us this year, we can double our membership and meet our goal. Let’s do it!


Doris Bernlohr,
President, THB

These links are for further information on our complex organization. Click the ones that fit your interest and time.

Branch News (tarheel.aauwnc.org)

AAUW North Carolina (aauwnc.org)

AAUW News (aauw.org )

e-newsletter v2009.03

Doris Bernlohr

[Doris was called out of town and delegated this newsletter to Nancy. When she returns, expect to hear about her Equal Pay Day activities and the AAUW members who worked at the Alamance County Women’s Resource Center Herb Festival earlier this week.]

Equal Pay Day Activities
If you have written a letter to the editor, sent a message to Sen. Hagan, sent an equal pay postcard to a friend, watched the AAUW video, or plan to watch AAUW’s Lisa Maatz in one her presentations this week, please make a quick comment on our branch web site. You’ll find the comment form at the bottom of the post on Equal Pay Day which has links to instructions for all those and more. [See the branch home page http://tarheel.aauwnc.org or the state home page http://aauwnc.org for links to the two minute video from YouTube.]

Advocacy Day Followup
There’s still time to use the virtual advocacy campaign to contact your NC legislators about the issues that were on the NC Women’s Agenda.

Special alert: Contact Senate majority leader Tony Rand, 919-733-9892 and ask that he ensure that the School Violence Prevention Bill, SB526, the “bullying bill” be heard in the Senate Education Committee by May 7 so that the full Senate can consider the bill before the May 14 crossover. [Bills that don’t affect the budget need to be passed by either the House or Senate by the “crossover” deadline, or they die until the next legislative session (i.e. 2011-2012).]  AAUW NC has voted to support this bill so if you call, you may identify yourself as an AAUW member. For more information see http://www.aauwnc.org/about/aauw-nc-public-policy-priorities/.

$mart $tart Campus Negotiation Workshops
Branch member Sonya Stafford who works for the Employment Security Commission is a local contact for the WAGE Project’s $tart $mart Workshops to teach junior and senior college women how to benchmark the salary of the job they want when they graduate and learn basic salary negotiation skills. AAUW members have an opportunity to get involved in this important project. See http://www.wageproject.org/content/get_even/aauwenlist.php and the attached flyer with Sonya’s contact info.

Welcome to our new members:

  • Cheryl Lewis, PI/Director, Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, at Elizabeth City State University joined at the College/University event at UNC-CH on April 3.
  • Karla Atkinson, incoming co-VP of Programs for AAUW NC and a member of the Brevard branch
  • Martha Smith of Burlington who had been an at-large member of AAUW

We now have 31 members, 18 “primary” members and 13 who belong to at least one other branch.

2009-2010 memberships
We’re now accepting dues for 2009-2010. Watch for an invoice after May 1, but if you want to cross one more thing off your list, you can use the online “join now” form on the web site — just choose either the link for $60 (if this is your primary branch) or $11 (if you pay AAUW dues through another branch). No need to complete the form unless your contact information has changed. If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer, Nancy — 919-773-1340. Reminder — if you renew by June 30, branch dues are $0. After that they will be $5 (and the amounts on the links will change to $65 and $16).

In addition to Cheryl, Karla, and Martha welcomed above, the following members have already paid for 2009-2010 and will not be getting a renewal invoice: Meagan Cody, Sonya Stafford, and Queen Thompson.

If you have the Tar Heel as your second branch, please do pay your dues in your first branch promptly so that we can “connect” you correctly to the Tar Heel Branch.

Again, watch for more details early next month!

Here’s to ending the need for Equal Pay Day soon!

-Nancy, for Doris.

BRANCH NEWS (tarheel.aauwnc.org)

AAUW NC NEWS (www.aauwnc.org) (There is an e-mail list where you can get these newsletters directly. Contact Nancy for details.)

AAUW News (www .aauw.org) (If you’re not getting these in e-mail and want to see them sooner, contact Nancy for advice.)

e-newsletter v2009.02

Breaking Through Barriers BannerFROM THE PRESIDENT
Doris Bernhlohr, info@tarheel.aauwnc.org

Making Progress
Thanks to all of you for your patience as we continue to put in place the operational functions that have made the Tar Heel Branch possible.
We owe special thanks to our communication team of Birgit Pauli-Haack and Nancy Shoemaker. Their work was absolutely vital to the start-up process for this new branch. They continue to provide very important services to each of us.

Your bylaws are almost done
The bylaws committee has worked out a proposal that has been approved by the AAUW Bylaws Chair. Thanks to committee members Pat Abell and Nancy Shoemaker who worked with me on this. Thanks, too, to Caroline Pickens for her help in ensuring that the new branch stands on a firm foundation that is in agreement with AAUW policies. Please review the  proposed bylaws and the rationale document that accompanies them, and contact the committee at bylaws@tarheel.aauwnc.org with any comments. I have asked Nancy to serve as the point person for this discussion, so if you prefer, call Nancy. We need your comments and questions by February 20, so the proposal can be finalized for a vote by the branch.

Who pays for it all?
We have had some start-up expenses to deal with, and the board will be having a discussion on how best to fund this new branch to meet our  needs.   Dues this year for the Tar Heel Branch have been $0. The board will make a recommendation on what amount to set as the dues, and that will need to be approved by the branch. This is a very important decision we must make very soon. Every member of our present board of directors has made a donation to help pay the bills.

We are beginning to prepare for our first annual meeting of the Tar Heel Branch to be held at the state convention in Wilmington on March 27.  As we get closer to that time you will once again be voting on some important business.  One of the things we must do is elect officers for 2009-2010. The current officers have agreed to be re-nominated. If anyone else would like to have their name placed on the ballot, email a 2-3 sentence bio to me,
and also tell me what you would like to accomplish. Indicate what office you would like to run for.  I must receive this information by Feb. 20.

While we will be calling for a vote later in the month on the issues of dues, approval of the bylaws, and election of the board members, there is one item of business we need to handle now. Judy Atkinson has volunteered to be our delegate at the AAUW NC convention. [Link to ballot was in e-mail version.]

Barnes and Noble discounts
In case you missed this announcement earlier, check out the new AAUW-Barnes and Noble partnership.  As an AAUW member you can now receive a 5% discount and other perks that may apply.  Go to www.bn.com/aauw for the details. Click “AAUW Award Winners” on the left to get the list of recent AAUW NC Juvenile Literature Award winners.


AAUW NEWS (www.aauw.org)

  • January/February 2009 Mission & Action e-newsletter – most of you received this bi-monthly e-newsletter in e-mail a couple of days ago. If not, you can read it on the web.

AAUW NC NEWS (www.aauwnc.org)

BRANCH NEWS (tarheel.aauwnc.org)

This newsletter was distributed through the branch e-mail list, and an archived copy can be found there, too. The e-mail edition is more complete since it contains some member phone numbers and direct e-mail addresses.

e-newsletter v2009.01

Doris Bernhlohr

I want to take this opportunity to invite all of you to Wilmington on March 27, 2009 for the AAUW NC Convention.  The Wilmington Branch will be our hosts and I can guarantee you an informative and fun time.  Watch for the next issue of the Tar Heel News for all the details.  For those of you who have never been to a state convention before I hope you will join us.

I am looking for a volunteer to be a voting delegate at the state convention.  If you are going to be present in Wilmington on March 27 and are willing to be a delegate please notify me.  Our entire membership will need to have time to vote on this delegate selection.  Watch for a ballot to select a delegate.

With Congress and the NC Legislature now in session many issues important to all of us will be on their agendas.  Please stay in touch with your legislators in both Raleigh and Washington and let them hear from you. This also keeps you up to date with AAUW priority issues.   If you need information about what is going on please refer to the following website:

Sign up for the Action Network (Two Minute Activist Alerts)
http://capwiz.com/aauw/mlm/signup/ or the Join Now link on the upper right of the aauw.org Advocacy­ Public Policy main page

AAUW NC NEWS (www.aauwnc.org)

  • AAUW News (01/28/09) — Lots has been happening over the last few weeks. This includes an extensive section of links on Pay Equity. You can subscribe to get this e-newsletter directly. Contact Nancy Shoemaker.
  • Ledbetter bill passes Congress (01/28/09) — How the North Carolina delegation has voted on the two important bills, links to videos of the signing ceremony, and other Pay Equity news.
  • Is this you? (01/15/09)  — AAUW NC needs someone to step up to the position of treasurer starting July 1, 2009. This article describes what’s involved in the job.

BRANCH NEWS (tarheel.aauwnc.org)

This newsletter was distributed through the branch e-mail list, and an archived copy can be found there, too. The e-mail edition is more complete since it contains some member phone numbers and direct e-mail addresses.