Interim Financial Report – March 2018

As you can see from the FY17 final report, the July 1, 2017 balance was 1675.60.

The balance on March 13, 2018, is 1500.06, a difference of 175.54.

The cash flow statement shows income of 836 and expenses of 1011.54, again, a difference of 175.54.


  1. The amounts received as state and national dues totaled 571 and were forwarded to AAUW, along with a 35 contribution.
  2. One major expense (297.85 total, 167.85 net) was for marketing – primarily booth rental and supplies for the Women AdvaNCe conference in November.  AAUW NC shared that expense and their reimbursement check for 130 was posted in March.
  3. Another expense was dues waivers – a discount for one member, a Shape the Future membership for a conference attendee, and a student membership for a conference attendee.
  4. AAUW NC made a donation to us because we had a representative at the AAUW national meeting in June. That money was forwarded (as a program expense) to the one person who was a primary member of the branch when she registered and was not receiving reimbursement from AAUW NC.

Note that #2 and #4 were discussed on the board email list, and #3 continues our policy of providing discounts to renewing primary members as well as using Shape the Future memberships as prizes as we collect names for a drawing at events like the conference. More volunteers to follow up on the names we collect would be valuable to improve the ROI of our marketing expenses.



Branch financial report for 2016-2017

Here is the report on the branch finances for FY17, which ended 6/30/2017:

We would like to thank those members who contributed to AAUW with credit to the branch from 1/1/2016 to 6/30/2017 or to the branch between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2017:

AAUW Greensboro
Adamson, Virginia
Atkinson, Karla
Blue, Thomas
Evans, Michelle
Gray, Diana
Hallman, Judith
Hamed, Martha
Harris, Nancy
Heath, Jaquelin
Hill, Joanne
Hoffler-Foushee, Mildred
Jennnings, Dana
Keller, Marie
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
McGuire, Jean
Schickedantz, Mary Fran
Schneider, Diane
Shoemaker, Nancy
Shoemaker, Cathy
Shoemaker, Ruth
Van Order, Lill

Slate for 2017-2018

Candidates for Co-President

Joanne Whitney Hill RN MSN

Joanne received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Christian University and a Master of Science in Nursing from University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Joining the Navy in 1973 via the Nurse Corps Candidate Program, she served for 30 years as a Nurse Corps Officer, reaching the rank of Commander. Her first active duty assignment in North Carolina began at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune in 1994, and she never left, retiring from Naval Hospital Cherry Point in 2003.

Subsequently, she worked briefly for Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune as a health educator, then taught high school health occupations in Onslow County for six years. Most recently, she served as the Research Administrative Officer at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, retiring at the end of March, 2017.

In addition to serving as co-president of Tar Heel Branch, she is also an active member of the Jacksonville Regional Branch, a member of Twin Rivers Branch and a new member of the NC Women’s Forum. She served as AAUW North Carolina State President from 2004-2006. She lives in Maysville NC with her husband Jim.  

Christi Whitworth

Christi Whitworth is Education Director at Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, located in Rosman, North Carolina. She plans to strengthen the AAUW commitment to STEM Education Programming in North Carolina. She worked with gifted students and science education in Tennessee public schools before moving into informal education in 2005 while living in Texas. She has worked as a science educator and then Education Director at PARI since 2006. She has been a member of AAUW since 2010.

As Education Director at PARI, she maintains, manages and creates programming for PARI’s StarLab portable planetarium, science education, and outreach programs including homeschool programs, distance learning and citizen science programming. She also serves as the collaborative lead for the North Carolina Girls STEM Collaborative in affiliation with the National Girls Collaborative Project. The collaboratives work to connect programs and resources across the state of North Carolina in the effort to encourage, mentor and promote organizations that serve girls in STEM fields and builds strong connections between the girls and future careers.

Candidate for Treasurer: Nancy Shoemaker

Nancy, who co-founded the branch in 2008 and served on its board until 2014, rejoined the board as treasurer in 2015. She is standing for re-election. She believes that the branch model is a good one to connect members who live far from community-based branches or for whom community-based branches are not a good “fit”. She hopes that during this term she can advocate to the national organization to simplify and streamline dues processing (we’re not there yet), as well as find someone willing to train as the next treasurer with that simplified model.

She serves as AAUW NC web manager (and as past state president helps in other capacities at the state level) and supports a few online, nationwide AAUW communities. She is a member of eight other branches (six of them virtual). Her academic background is in mathematics, and her professional life has been spent in a variety of computer support/consulting roles. She lives in Wake County with her husband.

Candidates for Directors at Large

Virginia Adamson

Virginia Adamson joined AAUW in 2013. She is a native of Alabama and has called North Carolina home for more than half her life. Virginia received her Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1979. She works for the Volvo Group as a Senior Business Consultant focused on Operations and Manufacturing. Her tenure with Volvo spans more than 30 years with experience ranging from product development to business and strategy development. Although based in Greensboro, NC, she has worked and lived in Göteborg and Umeå in Sweden. She enjoys working virtually with many of her colleagues worldwide. She is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) from APICS.

Virginia is a Past President of North Carolina Business and Professional Women (BPW/NC) and has served as Treasurer and President of BPW of the Triad. She currently serves as the Parliamentarian of BPW/NC and Co-Treasurer of BPW of the Triad. She is also a member of the Women’s Forum of NC. The ERA and Equal Pay are her passions. She is a Start Smart facilitator  and has volunteered for Tech Savvy with AAUW/Greensboro. When not advocating for women and their families, she loves living on the farm with her husband Michael where gardening and weaving are her favorite pastimes.

Diana Gray

Diana Gray moved to Winston Salem July 2014 after 4 years in New Orleans, LA along with the family of her younger daughter, Melissa Harris-Perry, now faculty member at Wake Forest University,  Diana is a 22 year AAUW member-Virginia, Chicago & New Orleans.  She holds BS and MA degrees in sociology. Her last paid position (retired 2007) was student affairs administrator at the University of Chicago in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences and the Committee on International Relations.  Prior to that she was lead analyst and manager of the evaluation unit at the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. She worked twenty-five years in nonprofit program management, program evaluation, grants administration, and grant writing after graduate school.  She has published on black community development and adolescent prostitution. Before entering the University of Washington, she worked as a juvenile parole counselor in Seattle and Spokane, Washington.

Diane Schneider

Diane Schneider, a native of New York, attended college in Virginia, earning her B.S. in Elementary Education at James Madison University (1973) and both her Masters degree in Special Education/Learning Disabilities (1977) and her Doctor of Education degree/Education Leadership & Policy Studies (1992) at the University of Virginia. She has taught grades K-12 in both the regular classroom and programs for special needs students, over the course of her careeer, in both private and public schools. Currently, Diane is working as an educational consultant and private tutor in the greater Charlotte area.

Diane joined the Charlottesville, VA branch of AAUW in the late 1970’s. After relocating to NC in 1983, working, parenting and studying kept her away from an organization she truly believed in. She was happy to re-connect with AAUW in Charlotte about nine years ago. She served as branch vice president/program chair from 2007-2009, at which point she was elected branch president. She served in that office for two consecutive terms-2009-2013. She was active in planning and organizing the AAUW-NC Convention in April of 2010. It was then that she joined the newly-formed THB. Since there was no VP during her 4-years as president, she continued acting as program chair through 2013.

Diane and another branch member have had experience auditing the THB financial records, with assistance from treasurer Lyndee Champion Ivey.  Diane hopes to be reelected as a member of the Tar Heel Branch Board of Directors where she will have the opportunity to support the branch’s mission and help maintain its special impact on members throughout the year ahead.

Laura Tew

Laura Braxton Tew lives in Greensboro with her husband, composer Christopher C Tew.  She began her professional career as a chemist for Almay Cosmetics in Apex, NC in 1972 and joined Olin Corporation as a process chemist in 1976 at its facility in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Laura worked in positions of increasing responsibility in manufacturing and marketing before becoming Olin’s first female plant manager in 1988 in Livonia, Michigan. She joined the leadership team of Arch Specialty Chemicals in 1990 as global Director of Stakeholder relations which included responsibilities for government affairs and philanthropy.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from UNCG in 1969, Laura attended Duke University graduate school on a teaching assistant fellowship. While working full time, Laura earned an MBA in marketing from Pace University in While Plains, NY, and a Certificate degree from the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College.

Laura’s active retirement began when she completed her intern year as a Guilford County Master Gardener Volunteer in 2010. She also trained to become a certified tax counselor in the AARP TaxAide program and currently is the site coordinator for tax prep services at Smith Senior Center in Greensboro. In 2011, Laura returned to UNCG as a graduate student in political science and completed the Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program in 2013. While a student, Laura served on the Friends of the Libraries Board and on the Tuition Committee. After graduation in May 2013, Laura joined the Greensboro Branch of the American Association of University Women. Her Branch involvement has included fundraising chair for Triad Tech Savvy, Public Policy Chair, and supporting the website, social media and electronic newsletter and communications.

Lill Van Order

Lill has been active in AAUW since moving to Wilmington, NC in July of 1996. She was the secretary of the Wilmington branch, served as president and co-president 1999-2003 in two consecutive terms. Shortly after that she became involved at the state level as the LAF liaison. At that time she also served on state nominating committees. While she was working for AAUW NC the state went through a structure change and she served as co administrator with Karla Atkinson in the pilot year of the new structure. Her most recent work at the state level was the revision of the state bylaws to reflect the new structure. During this time Lill became a dual member of the Tar Heel branch. For the fiscal years 2013-14 and 2014-15 she was elected to the THB Board of Directors. Lill likes the online branch model and its mission and believes this model fills a vital slot for many. After Michelle Evan’s resignation the board had a conference call she and Christi Whitworth joined forces as co- interim administrators of the Tar Heel Branch until June 30, 2015. She continued in the position of co-administrator with Joanne Hill through June 2017. For 2017-18 Lill would like to stay connected to the THB by continuing on the board.

Lill retired from a career as school librarian in June 2012. She has a passion for education of our youth especially girls and the environment. Volunteering for AAUW and local environmental organizations seems to be a good match.
She and her husband Bill live in Wilmington and enjoy traveling to DC, Vermont and Maine to visit family and friends. Her four granddaughters are a good reason to stay involved working to empower women and girls.


Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting

Thanks to Michelle Evans for being the secretary for the April 1, 2017 annual meeting of the branch.

21 members, one student associate. and three guests (one of whom joined later in the day) attended.

2017 Annual Meeting: Membership Update

February 1 is the date that AAUW considers the “official” day to report membership numbers.

Here is the graph of how our membership has changed since our founding in 2008:


Membership categories by date

c/u student dual primary total
2/1/2009 12 16 28
2/1/2010 1 18 28 47
2/1/2011 2 2 32 42 78
2/1/2012 5 2 43 72 122
2/1/2013 5 1 41 58 105
2/1/2014 5 0 43 41 89
2/1/2015 4 2 43 45 94
2/1/2016 6 0 42 42 90
2/1/2017 3 2 44 47 96

Three people have joined or rejoined since February 1, and our current breakdown of how members connected to AAUW before they joined the virtual branch is:

Former Current Status
Prior Status Primary Dual C/U Student Total
nonmember 22 1 1 24
lapsed 2 2 4
at-large 15 1 16
AAUW NC 9 40 49
AAUW not NC 3 3
C/U Rep 3 3
Total 48 45 4 2 99

To compare this year’s numbers with previous ones in more detail, see

2017 annual meeting: finance report

Here is the finance report that will be distributed at the April 1 Annual meeting:

For details on the FY16 report, including a list of donors to AAUW and the branch see

Minutes of November 2016 Board Meeting

These minutes of the Nov. 21, 2016 board conference call were distributed to the board on February 1. One correction was noted and it has been incorporated in this version

Branch financial report for 2015-2016

Here is the report on the branch finances for FY16, which ended 6/30/2016:

We would like to thank those members who contributed to AAUW during 2015 or to the branch between 7/1/2015 and 6/30/2016:

Adamson, Virginia
Atkinson, Karla
Balsanek, Judy
Bernlohr, Doris
Champion Ivey, Lyndee
Evans, Michelle
Gallucci, Kathy
Groll, Marena
Hallman, Judith
Harris, Nancy
Heath, Jacquelin
Jennings, Dana
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lawler, Mary Ann
Marblestone, Ronni
Novello, Caroline
Orrange, Pat
Shoemaker, Cathy
Shoemaker, Nancy
Shoemaker, Ruth
Van Order, Lillian


Results of the 2016-2017 Branch Ballot

The branch ballot was posted on April 23, and closed thirty days later (since our bylaws require it be open for 30 days). However, no one voted after May 15. The results are as follows:

  • Joanne Hill and Lill Van Order – president
  • Nancy Shoemaker – treasurer
  • Directors: Virginia Adamson, Karla Atkinson, Diana Gray, Jacquelin Heath, Diane Schneider, Laura Tew, and Christi Whitworth

Our bylaws say that the board may have as many as seven directors (we need at least three). We now have a full complement of directors.

Additional information:

2016 Member Survey

This survey was sent to branch members via a SurveyGizmo survey email. Of the 92 branch members who received the email, 44 responses were completed between March 6 and March 29. Twenty-three (23) responses were received in the first week. Three email reminders were sent garnering additional responses after each reminder.

The Board specifically chose the questions to find areas for future growth rather than copying the previous two surveys (2010 and 2013). The results from those two surveys are available on the website.

Key findings (and differences from previous surveys)

  • AAUW advocacy was the program most selected which corresponds to the two previous surveys. AAUW programs such as Start Smart & STEM was chosen second most followed closely by AAUW like NCCWSL.
  • The League of Women Voters was the most mentioned organization with a similar mission where members participate.
  • Networking and State issues are the most mentioned benefits members receive from the State and THB.
  • Time was the most mentioned thing that could be offered by members to assist in meeting AAUW’s mission.
  • Keeping members informed was the most mentioned item listed in what the branch is doing well.
  • The most preferred method of communication is email. Second most preferred is nearly a tie between Facebook and Video conference/Teleconference/Webinar. Are these responses based on the age of the group?
  • Of the thirteen options for participating in AAUW programming five topics were selected by at least half of the respondents: Visiting the national website, visiting the state website, visiting the branch website, keeping up with Email from the branch email list, and taking action on an action alert from AAUW.
  • Webinar was the most selected additional method of participation in programming; however, only thirty respondents answered the question. The next most selected was working with a specific project.
  • There is interest in having branch face-to-face programming. Nearly half the respondents were interested in additional face-to-face programming.

Read the detailed report: 2016 Member Survey Results