Branch financial report for 2018-2019

Here is the report on the branch finances for FY19, which ended 6/30/2019:

Thanks to Janet Bunger for her review of this report and to the branch members who donated to AAUW or the branch (find that list in the report).

With the new AAUW emphasis on contributions to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund, it may be instructive to look at the branch contributions to AAUW Funds over the last few years:

2018: $520
2017: $951
2016: $1421
2015: $1818

Some of this year’s drop can be attributed to a change in the way AAUW handles donations from dual members and the 2015 and 2016 years include special contributions as we, as AAUW NC, made special efforts to complete the Ann Chipley American Fellowship endowment.

If you have ideas on fundraising at the branch level, please do contact or any member of the board.

(See also 2018 details of donations by branch and reports for earlier years.)


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