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Minutes of April 18 Board Meeting

Here are the minutes of the April 18 board meeting.


Minutes of the March 23 Board Meeting

Here are the

Note that the survey report was updated for the April 2 annual meeting of the branch.

Annual Meeting: April 2 in Chapel Hill

As is our practice, the annual meeting of the branch is scheduled in conjunction with the AAUW NC annual meeting. Nearly a third of the branch members are registered for the state meeting, and we hope many of them will attend the branch meeting:

7:45 am, Saturday, April 2
Sheraton Chapel Hill, Coach Room

We will be discussing the results of the recent branch survey, doing prize drawings for those who have renewed and/or recruited new members, and more.

More info

Minutes from the annual meeting

The branch met before the AAUW NC meeting in Burlington on April 13.

Here are the minutes.

Thanks to Denny McGuire for taking the  notes and Michelle Evans for chairing the meeting and reviewing  them.

Report from the Annual Meeting

Twenty six members of the branch, including two new members, attended the Tar Heel Branch annual meeting on Saturday, March 31. No business was conducted, so there are no formal minutes.

The results of the online branch ballot were announced. 71 of 122 members voted.

For more information on other aspects of the branch, see the annual report, which was distributed at the meeting.

Branch 2012 Annual Meeting

This is just a quick reminder that the annual meeting of the branch will be on

Saturday, March 31
8:15 – 8:50 am
Country Suites, Burlington

as part of the annual meeting of AAUW NC.

We will introduce members of the 2012-2013 board (election of officers going on now), and celebrate another year of growth for the branch. Come and share what you want to get from this branch — and what you might be willing to contribute.

The formal meeting will be short, but there will be opportunities for networking Friday evening and during lunch on Saturday.

Note that the 9:00 speaker for the AAUW NC meeting will be Patricia Ho, member of the AAUW board of directors, with a message about what’s happening in AAUW across the country.

So, if you can’t join us for the whole day on Saturday, please consider coming for the 8:00-10:15 segment.

Online registration is now open:

The registration fee is $15 for the meeting, but if you are coming just for the THB meeting and Ho’s presentation, contact info@tarheel.aauwnc.org if you’d like me to look into getting that waived.

We will be accepting 2012-2013 branch dues ($5) from members of other branches in NC at the meeting. If you haven’t yet joined our community of members who enjoy the benefits of connecting with other members across the state, consider joining at the event.

Updates from the Fall AAUW NC meetings

Nancy Shoemaker
Tar Heel Branch President

Three AAUW NC meetings were held this fall: two on 9/17 in Brevard and New Bern and one last Saturday in Statesville. Forty-one members representing 15 of the 20 branches attended at least one of the meetings. Of the 41, 18 were members of the Tar Heel Branch and we welcomed one new member, Janice Imgrund of Winston-Salem, who joined at the Statesville meeting.

Five Tar Heel Branch board members attended (Shoemaker, Evans, Atoji, Pearre, and Abell). The meetings were sponsored by the AAUW NC officers (K. Atkinson, Van Order, McGuire, Abell, Richardson) with support from Mary Peterson — and all of these women are dual members of the Tar Heel Branch.

This report comes from my attendance at the Statesville meeting.

Public Policy Project

The bulk of the time was spent on the Public Policy Pilot Project that is proposed for branch action during 2011-2012. Branches are being encouraged to

  • Adopt one or more public policy issues to monitor on behalf of AAUW NC.
  • Identify a member of the branch to follow each of these issues and forward updates and alerts to a specific email address.
  • Encourage branch members and other allies in the community to subscribe to the alerts and updates.

Additional information:

Branch presidents are asked to send the
  • branch’s preferred list of issues,
  • names and email addresses of the “senders”
  • names and email addresses of those who want to receive the alerts and updates
  • any constraints about branch members’ participation

to pp-admin@aauwnc.org as soon as possible.

In late October, the coordinators of the project will be assigning issues to branches based on branch preferences, but hopefully avoiding much duplication. Then two email lists will be populated with subscribers:

  • pp-info@aauwnc.org for the “senders” to exchange information with one another and with the project coordinators
  • pp-alerts@aauwnc.org which will be an open list for those who want to receive the  alerts from the “senders”

During the year, all involved in the project would be asked to make notes on the project to help with an evaluation of whether or not additional state resources should be allocated to it for 2012-2013.

The Tar Heel Branch may contribute to this in unique ways. Jenine Atoji and I will be supporting the project with the technical issues of creating and maintaining the email lists. It is understood that many of our members who joined as “at-large” members of the state may not have time to put into research on particular issues, but it is hoped we will have many members who agree to receive the information and take action as long as the messages are clear and focused.

NOTE: While some branches may choose to have just a few people receiving alerts and then forward the information out through their usual channels (reports at meetings, their newsletter), that will not work for us. If you are interested in this information, please do plan to subscribe directly.


The AAUW NC executive committee (acting as the board in this year where we’ve suspended the bylaws) approved the 2011-2012 budget.   The important things to note are:

  • Again this year, it is a deficit budget. Our reserves are in good shape and we are planning to spend more than our income.
  • The amount in the budget for special projects, including branch mini-grants, has been doubled since last year’s budget, and is now $5000. Some of that will be spent for the Public Policy project, but branches are encouraged to review the mini-grant application and ask for state support when appropriate.

Juvenile Literature Award

There was some discussion of the AAUW Juvenile Literature Award which the NC Literary and Historical Society has administered for AAUW NC since 1953. As documented  on the UNC Library page about the NC Literary Awards, this is part of a series of several awards. There was a discussion about the benefit of the award and an idea to encourage all the branches to purchase copies of the winning book for their local libraries received more support than adding a cash award to the winning author.

The consensus was to continue support for the event. That entails contacting the winning author and arranging to host the author at the Literary and Historical Society awards ceremony, as well as arranging for a cup to present it. It was noted that Elizabeth Laney, a member of the branch and the Lit/Hist Society, has been one of the judges for years.

This year’s award ceremony will be Friday, Nov. 18 at the Sheraton in downtown Raleigh as part of the Annual Meeting of the Lit/Hist Society. The awards potion of the program is 1:30 – 2:00 and part of the afternoon session which is free and open to the public. If you’d like to attend, please contact Karla or Lill for details on who will be representing AAUW NC, particularly if you’d like to join the author for lunch or take materials to share about AAUW. (Full program, registration.)

E-newsletter and Tar Heel News Update

There was a lively discussion of how to get state information out to all the members. While email would seem to be a logical way to communicate, issues about going “email only” included

  • Only about 20% of the members signed up for the new e-newsletter, and fewer than 50% of those opened our first issue.
  • Several people mentioned that though email would seem to make sense, realistically they are more apt to read the news if it shows up in USMail.
So the Tar Heel News will continue to be sent through the mail, but there was consensus that we should come up with a way for members to opt-out of the paper newsletter. It has been posted online since 2003, and some are fine with reading the electronic version.

Annual Meeting

There was a consensus to continue with last year’s format of a simpler annual meeting near the center of the state.

Nominating Committee

There was a reminder that by a vote last spring we suspended the bylaws and our current structure is quite different from the one described there. It is still too soon to know how it is working, but it was noted that the nominating committee will need some guidance in what offices will be filled for 2012-2013.

Notes from July 26 Board Meeting

The AAUW Tar Heel Branch board met via conference call on July 26.

Here are the notes from that discussion: AAUW Tar Heel Branch Board – Notes 7/26/11

Thanks to Mari Pino for being the scribe.

If you note any errors or omissions, please post here or to the Action list. As is our policy because we have no regular meeting schedule, if there are no corrections these notes will stand “approved”.

Agenda distributed 7/25:

11:55 – 12:10 – meet and greet, adjustments to the agenda
        Appointment of someone to take minutes. [No need to record discussion, just attendance and any actions.]
12:10 – 12:20 – Finances
        FY 11 Report – http://bit.ly/rjV34p
        FY 12 Budget – attached
        Transfer from Nancy to Lyndee
12:20 – 12:30 – Communication
        Website, Email lists, Facebook group
        Reaching our “offline” members
        How’s it working?
        Transfer from Nancy to Jenine
12:30 – 12:40 – Public Policy
        AAUW NC efforts and our participation in September meetings
        Other ways to engage our members?
12:40 – 12:50 – Program
        Ideas to support local gatherings?
        Any interest in NC Governors Conference for Women?
12:50 – 1:00 – Wrapup, suggestions for time of next meeting.
If we have time:
        Status of renewals
        Ideas for recruiting new members
        Comments on new member guide
        Michelle is the contact for national info and had a late breaking work contact.
        Good news on the Jan-June numbers: http://bit.ly/nQRY7j
        Grace has agreed to take leadership in this area, but has a conflict on Tuesday.
(At some point we’ll review those to see if changes are needed, but for now, please do be sure you know how to find them. In particular, our process for approving expenses that exceed budget guidelines may need some thought.)