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2017 Annual Meeting: Membership Update

February 1 is the date that AAUW considers the “official” day to report membership numbers.

Here is the graph of how our membership has changed since our founding in 2008:


Membership categories by date

c/u student dual primary total
2/1/2009 12 16 28
2/1/2010 1 18 28 47
2/1/2011 2 2 32 42 78
2/1/2012 5 2 43 72 122
2/1/2013 5 1 41 58 105
2/1/2014 5 0 43 41 89
2/1/2015 4 2 43 45 94
2/1/2016 6 0 42 42 90
2/1/2017 3 2 44 47 96

Three people have joined or rejoined since February 1, and our current breakdown of how members connected to AAUW before they joined the virtual branch is:

Former Current Status
Prior Status Primary Dual C/U Student Total
nonmember 22 1 1 24
lapsed 2 2 4
at-large 15 1 16
AAUW NC 9 40 49
AAUW not NC 3 3
C/U Rep 3 3
Total 48 45 4 2 99

To compare this year’s numbers with previous ones in more detail, see http://tarheel.aauwnc.org/tag/membership/

Membership Report Spring 2016

Our membership numbers stayed relatively stable this year. We did have three new graduates join us under the new program that we funded where the branch waives local dues and pays the $11 state dues, so new graduates (any degree) may join under the national Give-A-Grad-A-Gift program and pay $0 for the first year. Please think about your friends who might fit this program. They were among the total of 11 new members.

We didn’t recruit any Shape the Future new members, but three members took advantage of our discounted dues (we recommend $40 — instead of the normal $65 — and will accept $20) for those who value their AAUW membership but cannot afford full dues.

Thanks to the following members for recruiting new members: Virginia Adamson, Peg Holmes, Denny McGuire,  Mary Peterson, and Nancy Shoemaker, Mary Peterson, and Peg Holmes. Special thanks to nonmember Pat Sledge who has recommended AAUW to some of her BPW sisters — we are glad to see the cooperation between the two groups (and at least some of us hope to welcome Pat as a member sometime soon.)

On the other hand, we did have 14 members resign or lapse and we still miss Leslie Syron who died. That means our total membership changed from 94 to 90 over the year.  Since February 1, three new members have joined us and our count is now 93.

To renew your membership, check for your member ID and go to the AAUW NC membership page for quick access to a personalized online renewal form. To renew, use this www.aauw.org link or check our Join page for additional options.

More details:



Membership categories by date
 Year c/u student dual primary total
2009 12 16 28
2010 1 18 28 47
2011 2 2 32 42 78
2012 5 2 43 72 122
2013 5 1 41 58 105
2014 5 0 43 41 89
2015 4 2 43 45 94
2016 6 0 42 42 90
Former Status Current Status
Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
Nonmember 18 1 19
Lapsed 1 1 2
At-large 13 13
AAUW NC 10 38 48
AAUW not NC 2 2
C/U Rep 0 6 6
Total 42 42 6 0 90

Get connected (special rate through May 10)

The AAUW Tar Heel branch is a vibrant group of nearly 100 members from across the state. We’ll have a presence at the April 21 Women’s Advocacy Day in Raleigh, and we hope to introduce more people to the work that AAUW does. Look for us at the AAUW table in the 1000 Court of the Legislative Building — or if you miss the event, check out the Virtual Table.

We’re glad to partner with you and your organization, but if you’re still looking for a way to get connected to the conversations about equity for women, do consider joining AAUW. Until May 10 a membership (national, state, and this virtual branch) through 6/30/2016 is $40 instead of the usual $65.

UPDATE 4/29:
We are pleased to announce that the board has approved free memberships for new graduates. This applies if you’ve received an associate degree or higher in the last two years and you haven’t been an AAUW member before. To take advantage of this offer fill out our

On the second page, click “other” in the “you owe no dues” section — and put “Give a Grad” in the text box.

Membership Report Spring 2015

Our recruiting and renewals improved some this year with 25 new members between Feb. 1, 2014 and Feb. 1, 2015. That’s the most new members since 2011-2012,  and there were at least 12 current members involved in recruiting the new members.

Thanks to the following members for enlarging our reach by bringing new contacts to us:

Karla Atkinson
Doris Bernlohr
Kat Braeman
Michelle Evans
Michele Hoyman
Bea Keller
Elizabeth Laney
Mary Peterson
Mary Fran Schickedanz
Nancy Shoemaker
Laura Tew
Terry Wall

Do you have a friend who might enjoy getting connected to AAUW and AAUW NC? Consider asking them to join this branch — which may be a bridge to getting them more involved in AAUW or our allied organizations in their local community.

On the other hand, we did have 20 members resign or lapse. That means our total membership grew from 89 to 94 over the year. We have welcomed  back three of the 20 and our membership is currently at 97.


Membership categories by date
 Year c/u student dual primary total
2009 12 16 28
2010 1 18 28 47
2011 2 2 32 42 78
2012 5 2 43 72 122
2013 5 1 41 58 105
2014 5 0 43 41 89
2015 4 2 43 45 94
Former Status Current Status
Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
Nonmember 21 1 22
Lapsed 4 4
At-large 13 1 14
AAUW NC 7 39 46
AAUW not NC 3 3
C/U Rep 1 4 5
Total 45 43 4 2 94

Membership Report – Spring 2014

by Lill Van Order, Director at Large and Membership Contact

This year was a bit slow for membership in The Tar Heel Branch. We are currently 89 strong with about half and half primary and dual members. The graphs show the breakdown.

The board made an effort for retention of members by contacting members who had not renewed. We first sent an email and then a followed up with a phone call. It was not as helpful as we had hoped but a few did respond to the reminder. A small percentage of the members actually resigned; most just let their membership lapse with no response.

This lack of might be a show of the times or just lack of interest in the organization. The question might be how do we keep members interested? Is it hard to “get involved” in a virtual branch? For many of the primary members this might be their first exposure to AAUW. Perhaps these questions should take the form of a discussion.

We do need to work on retention and recruitment and we need your help. What are your ideas? Why do you stay a member of the Tar Heel Branch?


Membership Categories By Date
Year c/u student dual primary total
2009 0 0 12 16 28
2010 1 0 18 28 47
2011 2 2 32 42 78
2012 5 2 43 72 122
2013 5 1 41 58 105
2014 5 0 43 41 89
Former Status Current Status
Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
Nonmember 23 2 25
Lapsed 3 3
At-large 9 9
AAUW NC 6 39 45
AAUW not NC 2 2
C/U Rep 5 5
Total 41 43 5 0 89

Dig deeper:

Congratulations to us: 5 years as a branch

AAUW President Patricia Fae HoAAUW President Patricia Ho (a member of the branch, though she lives in Massachusetts) toasts the branch on the occasion of its 5-year anniversary on Nov. 19, and says:

Thank you, Tar Heel Branch, for your five years of leadership as an active AAUW advocate for women in North Carolina. I have been proud to be one of your members.

In honor of the milestone, we are having a membership drive — offering those new to AAUW membership through June 30 of next year for $40 instead of the usual $65.

Find the details here: http://tarheel.aauwnc.org/discount (through 11/26, use password: 5years).

Consider using this opportunity to give a gift to a family member or colleague and bring them into the conversation about equity for women and girls. We need them now!

Branch name tags

Many of our members represent AAUW at events where a name tag comes in  handy. We did a prototype of a new branch name tag and distributed them at the Fall meeting in Charlotte:

Sample name tags


We’re providing these at a bit below cost ($5) to branch members. If you’d like one send,

  • a check to Nancy (address) or use the donate link to send money to the branch via PayPal or a credit card.  Additional donations are welcome to support branch efforts.
  • also send her (info@tarheel.aauwnc.org or include with your check) how you want the name tag set up: First name, Last name, and Text under the logo (which can be the name of your primary branch)

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2013

Results of the branch survey

Earlier this spring we did a survey of our 105 branch members to get their views on the branch. 35 (of 105) branch members responded, and expressed

  • general satisfaction with the branch, especially with its communication efforts
  • a number of people suggesting more face-to-face events
  • a lack of awareness of our New Member Guide (suggesting there are breakdowns in some of our communication)
  • a continued interest in advocacy efforts

Information on the survey

Since two-thirds of the members did not respond, we encourage additional comments sent to info@tarheel.aauwnc.org or comments on this post

Feb. 1 2013 Membership Report

February 1 is the date when AAUW reports the “official” membership in the branches. For information on the AAUW NC branch history, see this post at www.aauwnc.org.

This was the first year that the Tar Heel Branch lost more members than it gained. This is not terribly surprising after two years of remarkable growth. But it does say that, just like any branch, we need to work on retention of our members.

In FY12 we had good recruiting events at Elon University (spring of 2011) and Western Carolina University (fall of 2011) where we recruited 27 of the new members on the rolls  for  2/1/2012 (nearly half of the 59 total new members). However, this year, without such a campus recruiting event, we had only 18 new members, and 35 resigned.

If we look into the 35 resignations more carefully, 16 were from those two campuses. Another 7 members moved away or resigned due to health issues, 6 dual and 6 primary members lapsed for a variety of other reasons.

Perhaps of more concern is that our net change from 122 to 105 members represents a drop of 14 primary members, 2 duals (those whose primary affiliation is with another AAUW branch), and 1 student. We still have a higher per cent of primary members (58 of 105) than any other online/virtual branch, but we might do better at connecting brand new members to AAUW. If you have suggestions on our “new member guide” (other than, of course, making it more personal), please do pass them on.

We are also doing  a survey of members again this year (see 2010 results) to see what suggestions that might gather.

Graph of number of members, showing categories of membership. See table below.

AAUW Tar Heel Branch growth 2008-2013

Membership Categories by Date
c/u student dual primary total
2/1/2009 12 16 28
2/1/2010 1 18 28 47
2/1/2011 2 2 32 42 78
2/1/2012 5 2 43 72 122
2/1/2013 5 1 41 58 105
Membership Status by Prior Status
Status Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
nonmember 34 1 35
lapsed 5 2 7
at-large 12 12
AAUW NC 7 37 44
AAUW not NC 0 2 2
C/U Rep 5 5
Total 58 41 5 1 105

Is now the time to join AAUW?

This is the time of year when we welcome new members to join for “extra” months of the year.

If you join now at the annual rate of $65, you’ll be a member through June 30, 2014.

For full details, check our Join Now page!