Membership Report Spring 2016

Our membership numbers stayed relatively stable this year. We did have three new graduates join us under the new program that we funded where the branch waives local dues and pays the $11 state dues, so new graduates (any degree) may join under the national Give-A-Grad-A-Gift program and pay $0 for the first year. Please think about your friends who might fit this program. They were among the total of 11 new members.

We didn’t recruit any Shape the Future new members, but three members took advantage of our discounted dues (we recommend $40 — instead of the normal $65 — and will accept $20) for those who value their AAUW membership but cannot afford full dues.

Thanks to the following members for recruiting new members: Virginia Adamson, Peg Holmes, Denny McGuire,  Mary Peterson, and Nancy Shoemaker, Mary Peterson, and Peg Holmes. Special thanks to nonmember Pat Sledge who has recommended AAUW to some of her BPW sisters — we are glad to see the cooperation between the two groups (and at least some of us hope to welcome Pat as a member sometime soon.)

On the other hand, we did have 14 members resign or lapse and we still miss Leslie Syron who died. That means our total membership changed from 94 to 90 over the year.  Since February 1, three new members have joined us and our count is now 93.

To renew your membership, check for your member ID and go to the AAUW NC membership page for quick access to a personalized online renewal form. To renew, use this link or check our Join page for additional options.

More details:



Membership categories by date
 Year c/u student dual primary total
2009 12 16 28
2010 1 18 28 47
2011 2 2 32 42 78
2012 5 2 43 72 122
2013 5 1 41 58 105
2014 5 0 43 41 89
2015 4 2 43 45 94
2016 6 0 42 42 90
Former Status Current Status
Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
Nonmember 18 1 19
Lapsed 1 1 2
At-large 13 13
AAUW NC 10 38 48
AAUW not NC 2 2
C/U Rep 0 6 6
Total 42 42 6 0 90

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