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President’s Letter

Dear THB Members,

As I sit here today completely snowed in, I know it will get warmer soon. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes many exciting events for THB members.


I want to invite and encourage each of you to join us in Charlotte on April 16-17 for the AAUW NC state convention. THB members Karla Atkinson/ Brevard and Lill Van Van Order/Wilmington (Program Co-VP) have joined the Charlotte Branch to put together a memorable weekend at the Hilton. If you have never been to a state convention before please join us. You will meet some outstanding women committed to bringing the mission of AAUW alive.  Be a part of this excitement. Convention information/registration etc. will be coming to you soon.


The annual meeting of the THB also takes place once a year at the site of our state convention.  This meeting will take place in Charlotte on Saturday, April 17 at 4:30 in the same room we will be in. I need a quorum of 10% to move the business forward.


On Feb.22 information will be posted online of members who have agreed to run for office in the THB.  On March 8th the ballot will go up and voting will begin.  We will also be voting on a couple of bylaw changes.  We had a very positive response last year to our online ballot.  Please watch for this election news and don’t forget to vote. Thanks again to our nominating committee, Grace Knecthel-Chair, Mary Morrow and Judy Atkinson.


A short branch survey has been posted at <contact info@tarheel.aauwnc.org for the link, or find it in the e-mail list archives>. It is very important that each of you take a few minutes and give us the feedback we are requesting. This THB model (a branch without borders) is fairly new to AAUW.  This survey is a “report card” of our branch and we want to know how you think we are doing and what we need to change.  Your comments are very important to us as we move forward.  I’m very interested in hearing also from THB members in Omaha, NE, Avon Lake, Ohio, Longwood, Florida,  Radford, VA, and Easton, PA.


Our membership has seen great growth this year.  We had 28 members last Feb 1, 19 primary members and 9 dual (who belong to another branch as their first/primary branch).  Now we have 48: 29 primary, 18 dual, and one college/university representative.  Three members switched from dual to primary.  In the last year we have recruited 25 new members to this branch without borders.  Keep it up!

Doris Bernlohr, President
Tar Heel Branch


Additional branch news (or see http ://tarheel.aauwnc.org/news )

AAUW NC news (or see http://aauwnc.org/news)

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