e-newsletter v2009.03

Doris Bernlohr

[Doris was called out of town and delegated this newsletter to Nancy. When she returns, expect to hear about her Equal Pay Day activities and the AAUW members who worked at the Alamance County Women’s Resource Center Herb Festival earlier this week.]

Equal Pay Day Activities
If you have written a letter to the editor, sent a message to Sen. Hagan, sent an equal pay postcard to a friend, watched the AAUW video, or plan to watch AAUW’s Lisa Maatz in one her presentations this week, please make a quick comment on our branch web site. You’ll find the comment form at the bottom of the post on Equal Pay Day which has links to instructions for all those and more. [See the branch home page http://tarheel.aauwnc.org or the state home page http://aauwnc.org for links to the two minute video from YouTube.]

Advocacy Day Followup
There’s still time to use the virtual advocacy campaign to contact your NC legislators about the issues that were on the NC Women’s Agenda.

Special alert: Contact Senate majority leader Tony Rand, 919-733-9892 and ask that he ensure that the School Violence Prevention Bill, SB526, the “bullying bill” be heard in the Senate Education Committee by May 7 so that the full Senate can consider the bill before the May 14 crossover. [Bills that don’t affect the budget need to be passed by either the House or Senate by the “crossover” deadline, or they die until the next legislative session (i.e. 2011-2012).]  AAUW NC has voted to support this bill so if you call, you may identify yourself as an AAUW member. For more information see http://www.aauwnc.org/about/aauw-nc-public-policy-priorities/.

$mart $tart Campus Negotiation Workshops
Branch member Sonya Stafford who works for the Employment Security Commission is a local contact for the WAGE Project’s $tart $mart Workshops to teach junior and senior college women how to benchmark the salary of the job they want when they graduate and learn basic salary negotiation skills. AAUW members have an opportunity to get involved in this important project. See http://www.wageproject.org/content/get_even/aauwenlist.php and the attached flyer with Sonya’s contact info.

Welcome to our new members:

  • Cheryl Lewis, PI/Director, Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, at Elizabeth City State University joined at the College/University event at UNC-CH on April 3.
  • Karla Atkinson, incoming co-VP of Programs for AAUW NC and a member of the Brevard branch
  • Martha Smith of Burlington who had been an at-large member of AAUW

We now have 31 members, 18 “primary” members and 13 who belong to at least one other branch.

2009-2010 memberships
We’re now accepting dues for 2009-2010. Watch for an invoice after May 1, but if you want to cross one more thing off your list, you can use the online “join now” form on the web site — just choose either the link for $60 (if this is your primary branch) or $11 (if you pay AAUW dues through another branch). No need to complete the form unless your contact information has changed. If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer, Nancy — 919-773-1340. Reminder — if you renew by June 30, branch dues are $0. After that they will be $5 (and the amounts on the links will change to $65 and $16).

In addition to Cheryl, Karla, and Martha welcomed above, the following members have already paid for 2009-2010 and will not be getting a renewal invoice: Meagan Cody, Sonya Stafford, and Queen Thompson.

If you have the Tar Heel as your second branch, please do pay your dues in your first branch promptly so that we can “connect” you correctly to the Tar Heel Branch.

Again, watch for more details early next month!

Here’s to ending the need for Equal Pay Day soon!

-Nancy, for Doris.

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