Welcome to other AAUW NC members

While this branch’s main purpose is to provide a community for those AAUW members in North Carolina who live far from the nearest community-based branch or for whom such a branch is not a good fit, the AAUW Tar Heel Branch welcomes those whose main AAUW affiliation is through a community-based branch. Why would you join this branch if you’re already a member of another branch in North Carolina?

  1. You can offer the option of the Tar Heel Branch to those you meet who are interested in AAUW but say “I just don’t have time for one more meeting.” The Tar Heel Branch is a “guilt-free” branch whose main purpose is to connect people to the information provided by AAUW and AAUW NC. What they do with that information is up to them.
  2. You can watch the roster of the Tar Heel Branch for people from your community who might join – or who might convert from at-large status. These members want more than a national at-large membership, and while they might not be ready to join your branch now, you can contact them as a fellow Tar Heel branch member with news of your main branch’s major projects and events.
  3. You might learn more about using “virtual office” tools by watching how the branch conducts board meetings (by phone), calls votes (over the web), and communicates using its web site and a Google group. While these obviously don’t replace the face-to-face meetings of your community-based branch, they might be applicable to your committee meetings or your board.
  4. Until July 1, 2009, once you’ve paid your dues to another North Carolina branch, you can join the Tar Heel Branch for free. After July 1, it’s just $5.

For more details, see our “join now” page

3 responses to “Welcome to other AAUW NC members

  1. PS: And you just may enjoy “meeting” the group that’s part of this branch as an addition to the circles of friends you make in your main branch.

  2. PPS: You’ll find many former state board members among the members of this branch. If you spent any time on the state board (as a branch president or an elected or appointed officer), the branch may allow you to reconnect with friends you no longer see.

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