Do you carry Membership Forms?

The Tar Heel Branch membership form has been updated to have our new treasurer’s address and to add a line to give the name of the person who recruited the new member. (There’s a national honor roll of recruiters — fill in your name to get added to that list and entered into drawings for Member-get-a-Member prizes.)

Please do carry forms with you and when issues of equity for women and girls come up in conversation, find a way to tell people about what AAUW is doing.

The new 2011-2012 membership brochures are now available from the national office. They are better than the branch brochure for introducing AAUW to people who aren’t familiar with it at all and for explaining the benefits of joining AAUW at the national level. So stock your purse/briefcase/backpack with these materials:

Watch for new ways that the branch is going to recognize its best recruiters, and start thinking about who among your friends and colleagues could benefit from an AAUW membership!

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