Branch brochure updated

The branch membership brochure has been updated for 2010-2011. We have also produced an insert that you can use with the national membership brochure, particularly if you are recruiting members who may decide to transfer to one of the community based branches:

In addition, here is a brochure for the national public policy brochure if you’d like to inform people about how AAUW NC has worked on AAUW priorities.

Finally, did you know that any member can get a few copies of the major AAUW brochures. If you’ll be going to an event where people may be interested in AAUW, be sure you ask for a few free brochures to “spread the word.” In addition to the membership and public policy brochures, there are brochures for use in recruiting on campus, and information about AAUW fellowships and grants. To place an order, login to the Member Center, then Forms and select “Supply Order Form” from the “Branch Forms” section. Larger quantities of the brochures can be ordered through ShopAAUW (the brochures are free, you only pay shipping and handling).

One response to “Branch brochure updated

  1. There is an error in the brochure dated 20100315 – national members, life members, and members of branches outside the state, pay $16 to join the AAUW Tar Heel Branch (not $11 which covers only the state dues).

    The brochure will be corrected soon.

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