Proposed budget

Our budget for 2009-2010 is fairly simple. We haven’t built up a reserve and the $5/person dues won’t kick in until after July 1.

We are still encouraging members to donate to the branch to strengthen our financial position and give us some leeway if a new project comes up that the board wishes to fund. For now, though, any significant project will need to include a funding plan to cover any of its expenses.

Branch assets 4/3/09: $210.00

Expected net expenses through 6/30/09: $25 (copying materials to explain the branch at the AAUW convention)

Proposed budget 2009-2010


Branch dues


Branch donations


Total income









Total expenses


Other line items may appear on the branch cash flow statement:

  • pass through payments to AAUW and AAUW NC. This represents the cash flow that the branch controls
  • donations/expenses for special community or project groups

Last year the branch received $150 donations from individuals.The $100 estimate is a conservative one.

“Marketing” includes a projected test mailing to members-at-large as well as outreach to the NC branches to explain this new branch.

“Administration” includes PayPal fees for new members joining online and the costs of occasional mailings to reach the branch members.

Members are asked to comment on this proposal. The 2009-2010 budget needs to be approved by the board.

3 responses to “Proposed budget

  1. Mary Fran Schickedantz

    The budget items look o.k. to me. I have no further discussion.

  2. This was approved by an online vote of the board in June, 2009.

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