Annual Meeting Ballot

The ballot for the annual meeting vote was posted on March 13, and voting closed on April 6.

48 members were eligible to vote and 32 cast ballots. A quorum of the branch is 10% of the  membership. We had a quorum.

The first two motions concerned changes to the branch bylaws. A two-thirds vote was required for the motions to pass.

  • On the question to approve the first change to the branch bylaws to allow for written, conference call, or electronic vote to conduct branch business outside of the context of the annual meeting, the vote was 31 yes, 1 abstention. The motion carried.
  • On the question to approve the second change to the branch bylaws to allow the president, with approval of the board, more flexibility in appointing people to specific officer roles, the vote was 30 yes with two abstentions. The motion carried.

Votes on the candidates for the branch board were as follows. A majority vote was required for election, and all the candidates were elected to serve for terms from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.

  • For Doris Bernlohr as president: 32 yes
  • For Nancy Shoemaker as treasurer: 32 yes
  • For Patsy (Pat) Abell as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • For Judy Atkinson as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • For Mari Pino del Rosario as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • There was one write-in candidate, but since election requires a majority vote and she received only one vote, she was not elected.

These results will be read into the record at the branch’s annual meeting on April 17 in Charlotte at the AAUW NC Convention.

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