Year end financial report

[This is an update of a report initially published on July 12.]

At the end of its second year, the branch finances are in good shape. We have assets of $420.27 and had a net for the year of $197.59 income over expenses, with an additional $35 due from AAUW for dues paid in June. The branch has grown to 60 members and one student affiliate, and 41 consider the branch their primary connection to AAUW. [There are also 18 members of other branches and two representatives of AAUW college/university partner institutions.]

We took advantage of our unique role in recruiting new members to AAUW at events in the spring of 2009 and 2010, and so were able to offer a drawing for a free membership that was balanced by a grant from the national Shape the Future membership program. We will have at least one such credit to use in 2010-2011.

Nine members believed enough in the branch to make donations over and above their dues (which we keep low). In addition, a member of the Cherokee County branch donated to us when that branch folded, and we received a $100 travel grant from AAUW of North Carolina.

You will find  a summary and  more details at

Based on that report, the board has approved

for the 2010-2011 branch year.

2 responses to “Year end financial report

  1. Thanks to member Joyce Gad who reviewed the FY10 finances and found them correct and complete.

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