March 15 Finance/Membership Report

Here is the financial report for July 1, 2010-March 15, 2011. This has been done as of March 15 instead of April 1, so it can be ready for the March 26 annual meeting of the branch.

As noted last quarter, the branch opened a second checking account to support its being the fiscal agent for community/special interest group projects. This was first used by the Wake County Women’s Agenda Assembly, with branch member Michelle Evans working with branch treasurer Nancy Shoemaker on this project. Michelle made all the deposits, documenting them so Nancy could match them up with the bank statement. Nancy also wrote the handful of checks that covered the project’s expenses. You can find the financial report and see more details on that project at

We have 83 members as of March 15 with a six more pending from the March 15 event at Elon College. All members can get a current branch roster through the Member Services Database.

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