Welcome and thanks to Elon!

Elon University is one of the newest AAUW College/University Partners in North Carolina, and they are helping to carry AAUW’s message to their faculty, staff and students.

Branch members Doris Dunlap, Eileen Miller, Becky Mock and Doris Bernlohr joined fellow branch members/Elon faculty members Kathy Gallucci and Nancy Harris at a “College Coffee” at Elon on March 15.

See this writeup in the Elon e-news for more about this successful event. We look forward to additional collaborations with Elon and hope the college finds their partnership with AAUW valuable to all in their community.

Thanks to branch member Eileen Miller for these pictures of the students, faculty, staff and branch members at the event:

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More pictures

2 responses to “Welcome and thanks to Elon!

  1. The Elon University College Coffee was a great event. I enjoyed meeting other AAUW members and recruiting students and faculty to join. I’m ready to go to other schools and help with similar efforts.

  2. Doris Bernlohr

    College Coffee was a great event. I’m thankful for all the help from members Kathy Gallucci and Nancy Harris who helped us get there. Also to THB members Doris Dunlap, Eileen Miller and Becky Mock who came to the event and helped.

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