Kickoff of “Get Local”

Branch president Nancy Shoemaker hosted six other branch members at her home on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 7, for some networking and the showing of Iron Jawed Angels. Participating were branch board members Jenine Atoji, Michelle Evans, and Grace Knechtel as well as Sheila (a charter member of the branch), Carol (a member of the Chapel Hill branch who joined us as a dual membe last fall) and Melissa (a new member of the branch as of this spring).  We enjoyed getting to know each other better and sharing our reactions to the film.

Local gatherings have always been a part of this branch’s culture. The branch’s founding president, Doris Bernlohr, had moved to Alamance County (where the branch folded years ago) and she knew that there were AAUW supporters nearby. She found ways to get the Alamance County members together — for informal meetings and to support other Alamance County nonprofits. Face to face meetings are important.

This year, we’re hoping that the branch will support more of these gatherings that build the AAUW community. For some suggestions that fit into the branch’s “keep it simple” structure see or contact Nancy.

And, please, if you do organize a local event, take some pictures! We forgot that on Sunday…

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