October Membership Drive

From now until October 31, the Tar Heel Branch is offering a discount on dues for new members. You can join through 6/30/2013 for $40 instead of the normal $65.  Simply

  1. Fill out the membership form
  2. Send the $40 payment via PayPal (use this link to pay online) or by check payable to “AAUW Tar Heel branch” to
    Lyndee Champion Ivey
    7031 Woodbridge Valley Cir
    Charlotte, NC 28227-7697

Additional discounts may apply if you are a current student or have earned a degree in the last two years. Please contact us for details.

This offer is valid for new members of AAUW and will expire on October 31. 

3 responses to “October Membership Drive

  1. If you’d like to use this discount when joining one of the other branches in NC, contact us about that.

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  3. This offer has been extended to Wednesday, Nov. 7.

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