Get connected (special rate through Nov. 15)

It’s been a STEM kind of month. We welcome the many new contacts we’ve made at events in Chapel Hill and Raleigh and look forward to attendees at the Bridging the Gap 2015 conference hearing more about AAUW and its STEM initiatives.

Contact us or others in AAUW NC if you see an opportunity to partner with us. But if you are ready to connect with us more formally, we’re offering a discount for new members through Nov. 15.

The AAUW Tar Heel branch is a vibrant group of nearly 100 members from across the state. There are also 17 other community based branches in the state. You may join Tar Heel then transfer to one of the others at no additional charge — just let us know that’s what you’d like to do. There are other discounts for new graduates, graduate students, current AAUW members and more. See our Join Now page for information on that.

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