Board Minutes – March 2, 2016

THB Board Meeting Minutes 02 MAR 2016

Lill Van Order
Joanne Hill
Christi Whitworth (secretary for the meeting)
Jackie Heath
Virginia Adamson
Karla Atkinson
Nancy Shoemaker
Called to order: 8:20 p.m.
Old Business:  (Virginia) -Survey needs feedback to be integrated. Then it should be sent out to membership. Each person will get a separate link for completing their survey.
Elections (Lill): Nominating Committee needs three people.  March for committee work and April 1 for ballot and additional nominations. Christi Whitworth will be the board member on the nominating committee. All board members need to email Christi with your 2016-17 intention to serve and in which role(s).
Membership (Nancy); We need Shape the Future memberships.  If we recruit new members at an event then we can offer a discounted membership.  For every two of those we get a free national membership to use how we want ($49 value).  We also want to encourage people to renew early. After March 15, the website to pay dues the link to renew will be active. Nancy will send out a notice on March 15 on how to renew.
Annual meeting (Lill): When to have the branch meeting at the state Annual meeting?  Preference for a Saturday afternoon meeting at 2:15 p.m.  Opportunity for recruitment and network is expected at that time.  Lill will check on the availability of a space for our meeting.  Emphasis of the meeting: lookout for the survey, pull out a couple items to discuss;connecting to groups in the community that need to get messages out across the state; examples of groups we have worked with and things we have done;
Launch Event for Equal Rights Amendment North Carolina Alliance (ERA-NC) on April 12 (Equal Pay Day) (Virginia): For details contact Denny McGuire or Virginia Adamson. Branches can join as members of the coalition. Notification should happen at the annual meeting. We could add to the website and newsletter for THB. Use it raise awareness for Equal Pay Day. Website is
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 8 p.m.

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