Interim Financial Report – March 2018

As you can see from the FY17 final report, the July 1, 2017 balance was 1675.60.

The balance on March 13, 2018, is 1500.06, a difference of 175.54.

The cash flow statement shows income of 836 and expenses of 1011.54, again, a difference of 175.54.


  1. The amounts received as state and national dues totaled 571 and were forwarded to AAUW, along with a 35 contribution.
  2. One major expense (297.85 total, 167.85 net) was for marketing – primarily booth rental and supplies for the Women AdvaNCe conference in November.  AAUW NC shared that expense and their reimbursement check for 130 was posted in March.
  3. Another expense was dues waivers – a discount for one member, a Shape the Future membership for a conference attendee, and a student membership for a conference attendee.
  4. AAUW NC made a donation to us because we had a representative at the AAUW national meeting in June. That money was forwarded (as a program expense) to the one person who was a primary member of the branch when she registered and was not receiving reimbursement from AAUW NC.

Note that #2 and #4 were discussed on the board email list, and #3 continues our policy of providing discounts to renewing primary members as well as using Shape the Future memberships as prizes as we collect names for a drawing at events like the conference. More volunteers to follow up on the names we collect would be valuable to improve the ROI of our marketing expenses.



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