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Branch financial report for 2014-2015

Here is the report on the branch finances for FY15, which ended 6/30/2015:

We would like to thank those members who contributed to AAUW during 2014 or to the branch between 7/1/2014 and 6/30/2015:

Adamson, Virginia
Atkinson, Judy
Atkinson, Karla
Balsanek, Judy
Bernlohr, Doris
Champion Ivey, Lyndee
Evans, Michelle
Groll, Marena
Harris, Nancy
Heath, Jacquelin
Jennings, Dana
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lawler, Mary Ann
Marblestone, Ronni
Novello, Caroline
Olive-Taylor, Rebecca
Pearre, Kathy
Shoemaker, Cathy
Shoemaker, Nancy
Shoemaker, Ruth
Stephenson, Martha
Van Order, Lillian
Whitworth, Christi


Minutes of September 2015 Board Meeting

Here are the minutes of the September 2015 Board Meeting.

Jaquelin Heath forwarded these in a timely fashion last fall.


Get connected (special rate through Nov. 15)

It’s been a STEM kind of month. We welcome the many new contacts we’ve made at events in Chapel Hill and Raleigh and look forward to attendees at the Bridging the Gap 2015 conference hearing more about AAUW and its STEM initiatives.

Contact us or others in AAUW NC if you see an opportunity to partner with us. But if you are ready to connect with us more formally, we’re offering a discount for new members through Nov. 15.

The AAUW Tar Heel branch is a vibrant group of nearly 100 members from across the state. There are also 17 other community based branches in the state. You may join Tar Heel then transfer to one of the others at no additional charge — just let us know that’s what you’d like to do. There are other discounts for new graduates, graduate students, current AAUW members and more. See our Join Now page for information on that.

Get connected (special rate through May 10)

The AAUW Tar Heel branch is a vibrant group of nearly 100 members from across the state. We’ll have a presence at the April 21 Women’s Advocacy Day in Raleigh, and we hope to introduce more people to the work that AAUW does. Look for us at the AAUW table in the 1000 Court of the Legislative Building — or if you miss the event, check out the Virtual Table.

We’re glad to partner with you and your organization, but if you’re still looking for a way to get connected to the conversations about equity for women, do consider joining AAUW. Until May 10 a membership (national, state, and this virtual branch) through 6/30/2016 is $40 instead of the usual $65.

UPDATE 4/29:
We are pleased to announce that the board has approved free memberships for new graduates. This applies if you’ve received an associate degree or higher in the last two years and you haven’t been an AAUW member before. To take advantage of this offer fill out our

On the second page, click “other” in the “you owe no dues” section — and put “Give a Grad” in the text box.

Results of the 2015 branch ballot

The branch ballot was posted on February 20, and closed a few days after the annual meeting on March 21 (since our bylaws say it should be open for 30 days). However, no one voted after March 21 and the results announced at the annual meeting stand:

  • Lill Van Order – president (change from co-president was approved by a vote at the meeting)
  • Nancy Shoemaker – treasurer
  • Directors: Virginia Adamson, Karla Atkinson, Jacquelin Heath, Diane Schneider, Christi Whitworth

Our bylaws say that the board may have as many as seven directors (we need at least three), and additional members may be appointed. Two more people have indicated a willingness to join the 2015-2016 board and their names will be announced once they are formally approved.

The ballot also had a question about allowing the board to appoint a co-president to serve with Lill (in order to avoid a second election if a new volunteer surfaced). The members approved that overwhelmingly, and as the board goes through the planned seven-year assessment of its structure, that will be considered as a possible option.

Additional information:


Interim finance report – 2/28/2015

Thanks to Diane Schneider for preparing this interim report for 7/1/2014 – 2/28/2015.

Branch support for DiamondHacks

The Tar Heel branch is pleased to be able to support the DiamondHacks project at NC State University. This is in the spirit of our 2014 support of PearlHacks at UNC Chapel Hill.

What are these events? Like other “hackathons” they concentrate on bringing teams together for an intensive weekend event with team building and problem solving. These, though, are different in that they are restricted to women students — making them more welcoming and engaging and eliminating the implicit bias that can make it difficult for women to claim their place a the technical table.

Solving the Equation

We are very excited that this event is happening just as AAUW releases its most recent report, Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing that focuses specifically on the STEM fields with the fewest women and most jobs.  Learn more:

More about AAUW

Diamond HacksWe provided a grant to the project and an envelope of AAUW-related information for each participant. If you want to share the information with others who didn’t attend the event, here are the key links

AAUW specific information included


Give us a holler if you’d like more info on any of our programs or want to find out how AAUW can help support your next project.


North Carolina

Tar Heel Branch (statewide virtual branch serving all of NC)


College/University report

Since 2011 Chesney Reich has served as the AAUW representative for AAUW College/University partner Western Carolina University. In 2014 she joined the Tar Heel Branch board as its contact for college/university relations last year.

Here is her report on the status of AAUW issues on campus.


Membership Report Spring 2015

Our recruiting and renewals improved some this year with 25 new members between Feb. 1, 2014 and Feb. 1, 2015. That’s the most new members since 2011-2012,  and there were at least 12 current members involved in recruiting the new members.

Thanks to the following members for enlarging our reach by bringing new contacts to us:

Karla Atkinson
Doris Bernlohr
Kat Braeman
Michelle Evans
Michele Hoyman
Bea Keller
Elizabeth Laney
Mary Peterson
Mary Fran Schickedanz
Nancy Shoemaker
Laura Tew
Terry Wall

Do you have a friend who might enjoy getting connected to AAUW and AAUW NC? Consider asking them to join this branch — which may be a bridge to getting them more involved in AAUW or our allied organizations in their local community.

On the other hand, we did have 20 members resign or lapse. That means our total membership grew from 89 to 94 over the year. We have welcomed  back three of the 20 and our membership is currently at 97.


Membership categories by date
 Year c/u student dual primary total
2009 12 16 28
2010 1 18 28 47
2011 2 2 32 42 78
2012 5 2 43 72 122
2013 5 1 41 58 105
2014 5 0 43 41 89
2015 4 2 43 45 94
Former Status Current Status
Primary Dual C/U SAF Total
Nonmember 21 1 22
Lapsed 4 4
At-large 13 1 14
AAUW NC 7 39 46
AAUW not NC 3 3
C/U Rep 1 4 5
Total 45 43 4 2 94

Financial Report – FY14

This is a (delayed) annual report on branch finances for the fiscal year 7/1/2013-6/30/2014

It shows the branch started the 2015 fiscal year in good financial shape, so if you have a project to recommend, write or join the branch action list (subscribe here) and pitch it to that group of folks who are interested in the nuts and bolts of running the branch, or contact one of the members of the branch board.

Thanks to those who made donations to the branch (6/30/2013-7/1/2014) or to AAUW (during 2013):

Abell, Patsy
Atkinson, Karla
Bernlohr, Doris
D’Addario Jean
Evans, Michelle
Gallucci, Kathy
Hallman, Judith
Heath, Jaquelin
Hill, Joanne
Imgrund, Janice
Jennings, Dana
Keller, Marie (Bea)
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lambert, Naomi
Madden, Robbie
Maiz-Pena, Magdalena
McLaurin, Sandra
Mengert, Sue
Novello, Caroline
Pearre, Kathleen
Shoemaker, Nancy
Stephenson, Martha