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Spring 2011 ballot

The candidates on the slate for election of officers of the Tar Heel Branch for 2011-2012 are listed below. Members will vote for one candidate for president, one candidate for treasurer, and up to seven candidates for director-at-large. Write-in candidates are allowed as long as the consent of the candidate has been received in advance. A valid election requires a vote from at least 20% of the branch members. As of February 15, there are 78 members, so that requirement will be met if 16 members vote. Candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be elected.

Thanks to the 2010-2011 nominating committee: Joyce Gad (chair), Mari Pino del Rosario, and Bonnie Will.

Candidate for President: Nancy Shoemaker

Nancy joined AAUW in 1993 and AAUW NC in 1996. She has been connected to AAUW members across the country through her support of the AAUW web managers community (since 1999), her service on the AAUW Program Development Committee (2001-2003), her term as AAUW NC president (2006-2008), and her work since 2005 to Open Up AAUW to those without degrees. In 2008 she co-founded the Tar Heel Branch as a model to serve AAUW members in North Carolina who wanted a connection to AAUW NC but for whom community-based branches either weren’t an option or weren’t a good fit. She has served the branch as treasurer and web manager.

She hopes to lead this branch through another year of growth, solidifying its processes and improving the ways it supports its members in advancing the AAUW mission. Her academic background is in mathematics, her professional life has been spent in a variety of computer support/consulting roles. She also serves on the NC Women United board. She lives in Wake County with her husband.

Candidate for Treasurer: Lyndee Ivey

Lyndee is a native of North Carolina and lived in the Raleigh/Durham area until 2001 when she moved to Charlotte. She attended Duke University and was employed there for 13 years working in graduate student affairs. While living in Durham she was an active volunteer and instructor for the American Red Cross in Health and Safety Services and Disaster Relief. She is now employed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an Executive Assistant to the Provost.

Prior to college Lyndee enlisted in the US Army Reserves where she met her husband, David. She and her husband have one son, Joshua who is five and keeps them both very busy. Lyndee enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Candidates for Director at Large:

Patsy (Pat) Abell

Pat is a life member of the Association and is a member of the Statesville branch and a dual member of Tar Heel Branch. She is a past president of AAUW Statesville. She has served as secretary of the AAUW NC board, a member of the AAUW NC executive committee, and a member of the Nominations Committee. She has served on the THB board during the first two years and has been the contact for the Educational Foundation.

Jenine Hood Atoji

Jenine is an Information Technology Professional and a graduate of West Virginia University. Jenine is also a former member of the Leadership Team for the WITI RTP Network. She brings with her technical skills and an interest in promoting the education and self-development of girls and women in the sciences and through the creativity of the arts.

Mari Pino del Rosario

Mari Pino del Rosario was born and raised in Gran Canaria, Spain.  She studied music in Germany where she met her husband, pianist John Salmon. John and Mari Pino are the proud parents of twin daughters who attend public school in Guilford County. Mari Pino holds the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin and the PhD in Spanish from Florida State University.  She has been teaching at Greensboro College since 1990. Her interests include women’s and film studies, literature, and language. Right now Mari Pino is concerned that federal, state, and local governments will jeopardize viably educating next generations in an attempt to reduce the deficit or balance the budget.

Michelle Evans

In 1990, Michelle received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from North Carolina State University followed by a Master of Business Administration from Meredith College in 1996. She has worked for the Duke University School of Medicine for the past 12 years.  She was the Director of Education for the Department of Ophthalmology for over 6 years followed by a transition to administration.  In October 2006, the office restructured and Michelle was asked start the Research Integrity Office.  In her role as the Administrative Manager for the Research Integrity Office, she has responsibility for identifying and managing potential conflicts of interest for more than 5,000 individuals. On a personal note, she is a Past President of Business and Professional Women (BPW) of North Carolina, currently serves on the BPW/NC Board of Directors as Governance Chair, and will serve as BPW/Raleigh President in 2011.  In addition, she serves as Secretary on the Executive Committee for North Carolina Women United, a coalition of more than 30 women’s organizations that work for equity for North Carolinian women.

Grace Knechtel

Grace has been a member of AAUW for about 35 years.  She held positions in the Syracuse, NY branch as president, program vice president, and newsletter editor.  While in New York, she served the NY-AAUW as Region III director, membership coordinator and community representative.  Grace was elected to two terms on the AAUW NY board as state secretary.  In the brief time Grace lived in Charleston, SC, she was elected branch program VP.  She has served the Raleigh branch as treasurer twice and has worked as a director on the governing council.  She was elected as AAUW NC state program vice president 2001-2003.  Grace has also served as nominating committee chair for both NC-AAUW and the Tar Heel Branch.

Kathy Pearre

Kathy joined AAUW in 1991 and has served as president, program vice president, and membership vice president of the Winston-Salem branch.  She is a dual member of the Tar Heel Branch.  Kathy’s work as the Vice President of Adult Education with the Tarheel Triad Girl Scout Council led to a collaboration with AAUWNC to present a day-long symposium entitled “Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Leaders” held at Salem College in 1995.  Kathy is trained as a facilitator for the $tart $mart program.  She strongly believes in working for equity for women and advocating for girls.  Currently, she works with the ECHO (Everyone Can Help Out) Network, a non-profit engaged in helping the community build trusting relationships, especially among diverse people.

October board meeting

The AAUW Tar Heel Branch board met on October 25, 2010 by conference call. Here are the results of that discussion:

The About Us page has been updated with a link to the new Policies (as approved).

Other referenced documents:

Expanding the board

Recently Roberta Madden, a primary member of the Asheville branch, replaced Judy Atkinson of Winston-Salem as director at large with responsibility for public policy when Judy needed to resign for personal reasons. Roberta “Robbie” Madden moved to Black Mountain last fall after forty-one years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she worked as Director of Racial Justice at the YWCA.  A former Field Director for Common Cause, she lobbied for issues of open and accountable government, including the Equal Rights Amendment.  She organizes Dialogues on Race in Black Mountain.  She serves on the boards of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley, The Martin Luther King Memorial Corporation, Building Bridges of Asheville, and the Southern Mutual Help Association.  She is married to writer David Madden and is the mother of photographer Blake Madden.  She graduated from Ohio University in 1968.

The other members of the board (who thanked Judy for her service and approved Roberta’s appointment) are

  • Doris Bernlohr, president
  • Nancy Shoemaker, treasurer
  • Pat Abell, director at large with responsibility for AAUW funds
  • Mari Pino del Rosario, director at large with responsibility for membership

You can find information about them in the spring 2010 ballot information.

Our bylaws say that we may have 3-7 directors at large and a call has gone out to the branch for volunteers who are interested in joining the board. We’ve been growing steadily, and the board has agreed it is a good idea to expand its membership at this point rather than wait until July 1, 2011. These appointments will be until June 30, 2011, but those serving will be eligible to be elected to a term for 2011-2012. If you are interested in learning more about the board appointments, please look for Doris’s e-mail to the branch from this morning, or contact her for more information.

Updated bylaws

As noted in the previous posts (outline of changes, results of the vote), the branch approved two sets of changes to the branch bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact info@tarheel.aauwnc.org.

Annual Meeting Ballot

The ballot for the annual meeting vote was posted on March 13, and voting closed on April 6.

48 members were eligible to vote and 32 cast ballots. A quorum of the branch is 10% of the  membership. We had a quorum.

The first two motions concerned changes to the branch bylaws. A two-thirds vote was required for the motions to pass.

  • On the question to approve the first change to the branch bylaws to allow for written, conference call, or electronic vote to conduct branch business outside of the context of the annual meeting, the vote was 31 yes, 1 abstention. The motion carried.
  • On the question to approve the second change to the branch bylaws to allow the president, with approval of the board, more flexibility in appointing people to specific officer roles, the vote was 30 yes with two abstentions. The motion carried.

Votes on the candidates for the branch board were as follows. A majority vote was required for election, and all the candidates were elected to serve for terms from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.

  • For Doris Bernlohr as president: 32 yes
  • For Nancy Shoemaker as treasurer: 32 yes
  • For Patsy (Pat) Abell as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • For Judy Atkinson as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • For Mari Pino del Rosario as director-at-large: 29 yes
  • There was one write-in candidate, but since election requires a majority vote and she received only one vote, she was not elected.

These results will be read into the record at the branch’s annual meeting on April 17 in Charlotte at the AAUW NC Convention.

Survey of branch members

As part of its first full year, the branch did a survey of its membership. The board will be discussing this as we plan for next year. If you have comments, please contact president Doris Bernlohr.

If you want more information on the survey results, please contact Nancy Shoemaker.

Candidates for the 2010-2011 branch board

The candidates on the slate for election of officers for 2010-2011 are listed below. Write-in candidates are allowed as long as the consent of the candidate has been received in advance. A valid election requires a vote from at least 20% of the branch members. As of March 1,  there are 47 members, so that requirement will be met if 10 members vote. Candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be elected.

Thanks to the 2009-2010 nominating committee: Grace Knechtel, Mary Morrow and Judy Atkinson.

President (Vote for one)
Doris Bernlohr
Doris is a primary member of the Tar Heel Branch currently serving as president. She is a former president of the Chapel Hill Branch where she continues dual membership and serves on the AAUW NC board. Her goal this year continues to be to grow our membership while telling others about the “branch without borders” model. She firmly believes that the BWOB model has great potential in AAUW’s future.
Treasurer (Vote for one)
Nancy Shoemaker
Nancy is a member of the Raleigh/Wake County branch and will join the Tar Heel Branch as her first branch for 2010-2011. She is serving her second term as treasurer in Raleigh and is a past president of AAUW NC. In 2009-2010 she set up the branch financial reporting system and migrated the branch to using AAUW’s online dues payment process that greatly streamlines the treasurer’s job. She is an advocate for the “branch without borders” model in her conversations with AAUW members across the country.
She also serves the branch in managing its web site and e-mail list with help from branch member Mary Rack. The two also work together on the AAUW NC web site and mail lists.
Director-at-Large (Vote for no more than seven)
Patsy (Pat) Abell
Pat is a life member of the Association and is a member of the Statesville branch and is a dual member of this branch. She is a past president of AAUW Statesville, and a former member of the AAUW NC board and the AAUW NC executive committee. She has served on the board during the first year and has been the contact for the Educational Foundation.
Judy Atkinson
Judy is a member of the Winston-Salem branch and is a dual member of this branch. She is a past president of AAUW Winston-Salem, and a former member of the AAUW NC board and the AAUW NC executive committee. She has served on the board during the first year and has been the contact for programs.
Mari Pino del Rosario
Mari Pino del Rosario holds the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin and the PhD in Spanish from Florida State University. She has been on the faculty at Greensboro College since 1990 where she teaches Spanish language, culture, film, and civilization courses. Her major professional and personal concern is that diverse voices be heard, especially those that may be considered dissonant by some.
Mari Pino strongly believes in the role of early and lifelong education to achieve a greater enjoyment of life’s offerings. When it comes to knowledge, she states that 1) more is more, and 2) with increased awareness comes the responsibility to reach out to others.
If elected to the Board of Directors as Membership Chair, Mari Pino would like to see an increase in the diversity and number of members, so that academic communities lead the way as beacons for equal rights for all with concomitant responsibilities.
Mari Pino was born and raised in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. She met her Texas-born husband in Germany where both studied music. In 1981, Mari Pino and her husband moved permanently to the United States.  She lives in Summerfield, NC with her 11-year-old twin daughters, husband John Salmon, and female Bichon Frise, Frosty.

Note: An AAUW member may join more than one branch. A member’s “primary” branch is the one where they pay dues to AAUW. They are called a “dual” member in their second and subsequent branches where they pay branch and (if applicable) state dues.

Proposed changes to the branch bylaws

[This was sent to the AAUW NC bylaws committee and the branch board on Jan. 14.  A comment period is now open for the branch members before our vote later this spring.]

Current Bylaws

Address the need for branch votes between meetings


Our bylaws cover a process for voting electronically in the election and to change the bylaws, but didn’t have a section covering electronic votes in special cases. There are times when such votes are needed — for instance, until the state moves away from the delegate system we need a way to certify our delegates to the annual meeting of AAUW NC. This change uses the language from the bylaws section on the votes of the board and applies it to branch business as well. Note that the process we are currently using for the voting is described in branch June 2009 policy document.



2. In Article XII, add the following as a new section:

Section 6. A written, conference call, or electronic vote may be taken at the request of the president on any question submitted to all voting members of the branch provided that every voting member shall have an opportunity to vote on the question submitted. Voting will close by a specified time, and be by a process announced with the ballot and approved by the board. If 20% of the members shall vote on a question so submitted, the votes shall be counted and shall have the same effect as if cast at a branch meeting. The result of the vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the next branch meeting.

Make list of officers conform to current practice


Before the changes at the June 2009 convention, the AAUW bylaws required branches and states to have a certain set of officers. While this assignment of responsibility may make for a stronger and more active branch, our branch, in particular, has no need for all of these committees and officers. In the current AAUW bylaws, this requirement was lifted, and this change brings the branch bylaws into compliance with our practice.


Article VII. Officers

Section 2. The president, with the approval of the board, shall may appoint members to fulfill the functions of secretary, program, membership, public policy, finance, fundraising, and communications, and other functions required suggested by AAUW or approved by the board. These positions may be held either by members of the board or by other branch members. The terms of these appointments may be for any time period appropriate for the position.

Looking for 2010-2011 leaders…

Earlier this month, the branch board appointed a nominating committee: Grace Knechtel (chair), Judy Atkinson, and Mary Morrow.

They are already at work recruiting members to serve on the 2010-2011 branch board. The slate they develop will be presented next spring when the branch will elect a president, treasurer, and 3-7 directors-at-large.

If you’d like to consider serving on the board starting July 1, 2010, please contact one of the members of the committee or a member of the current board to find out more about the positions and how they might fit into your interests. Again, we try to keep the administration of this branch as simple as possible, but if you have a particular AAUW interest, serving on the board may get you additional information from AAUW and AAUW NC and put you in a better position to advance your cause.

PS: We do not have a full complement of seven directors at large, so if you’d like to step onto the board for a term that would end June 30, 2010, please contact Doris.

Updated bylaws

The Bylaws Committee (Doris Bernlohr, Pat Abell, and Nancy Shoemaker) has reviewed the branch bylaws in light of the required changes after the 2009 AAUW convention. Modifications have been made and here is the new version:

AAUW Tar Heel branch bylaws, Oct. 2009

Note that at least one additional change is pending, but since that requires a vote of the branch (and that vote must occur in the context of the annual meeting), it was not included here.

For information on how the committee addressed items that were not clear in the AAUW instructions, see Nancy’s blog post.