Branch without borders to request formal approval

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At the board meeting on Friday evening, the organizing group for what we’ve been calling the “branch without borders” will request formal approval of the branch formation by submitting a resolution to the board.

The branch has chosen the name “Tar Heel branch” but will use the tagline “the NC branch without borders” to clarify its status as more states adopt this model. It has approved working rules and elected an initial board (see AAUW NC Branch without Borders, October 2008; working rules; slate)

The branch has recruited 23 members. Of those, 12 will have the Tar Heel branch as their first/only branch. Six of those are converting from at-large status. There are also two new members and four who had let their membership lapse. The 11 who were already members of other AAUW branches (and so will be “dual” members in this branch) represent seven of the 21 NC branches and two out-of-state branches. The North Carolina branches represented include Charlotte, Greensboro, High Country, High Point, Raleigh/Wake County (2 members), Statesville (2 members), and Winston-Salem.


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