Donate to the AAUW Tar Heel Branch

Branch dues of $5 cover our basic expenses, and since one of our major goals is to keep as many people as possible connected to AAUW, we do try to keep local dues low. Additional donations are used to improve our outreach in different parts of the state and allow for a “dues reduction” fund that allows primary members to renew at less than full dues.

You can donate online:

or send a check payable to “AAUW Tar Heel Branch” to the address on our contact page.

Any amount is welcome. Donations to the branch are not tax deductible. We do also hope you make donations to the AAUW national efforts through the Donate section of or responding to their appeals.

Small or large amount – it all will make a difference in our capacity to provide this new kind of network for AAUW members.


5 responses to “Donate to the AAUW Tar Heel Branch

  1. Of course, we don’t mean to discourage donations to AAUW NC and AAUW.

    To find out how to donate to AAUW (online, by phone or mailing a check) see

    For the AAUW NC summary of contribution opportunities, see

    Thanks for your support of AAUW at all levels!

  2. Thanks to the following members who have contributed to the branch between July 1, 2008 and today:

    Patsy Abell, Statesville
    Judy Atkinson, Winston-Salem
    Doris Bernlohr, Burlington
    Birgit Pauli-Haack, Naples, FL
    Mary Fran Schickedantz, Greensboro
    Nancy Shoemaker, Raleigh
    Queen Thompson, Charlotte

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