How do we communicate – part 2

Not many of you responded to the poll earlier in the month about where we asked “How will we communicate?“. That really wasn’t unexpected — after all, the branch is not supposed to put too many things on your todo list.

But to maintain our community, we will need a way to send you periodic e-mail communications. Your communications committee (Birgit Pauli-Haack and Nancy Shoemaker) have chosen a Google Group as the simplest way to implement an e-mail list. It will have some standard features:

  • With one e-mail address you can reach all the members in the branch
  • Messages will be tagged with the subject line [aauw thb] so you can recognize them easily
  • By default your reply will go to the sender – but if you “reply all” it will go to the entire list.

Additional features that aren’t supported (or aren’t widely used) on other AAUW NC lists:

  • You can choose whether to get each message when it’s posted or to get a bundle of messages or a summary about once a day.
  • You can skip e-mail delivery entirely and read and respond to messages in a web interface
  • New members will be able to review earlier postings by using the web interface
  • We can post files and other information on the group (rather than send information in e-mail attachments) if we think that’s useful.

So, watch for the message that will confirm that you’ve subscribed to the list.

If you already use Google Groups, you can find the branch group at

If you’re new to the Google suite of web-based applications (including iGoogle home page, Google docs, and more) you can find a quick intro that describes setting up an account for your e-mail address  (you can use your current e-mail — no need to switch to gmail) at “Getting Started with Google Docs”. But you do NOT need to go through this to get the branch messages in e-mail.

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