How do we communicate – part 3

Once upon a time an AAUW branch was a group of women who’d meet once a month, socialize, hear a speaker, plan the  branch projects and schedule other meetings (committee meetings, board meetings, lunch, or other social times). The branch would publish a “yearbook” with a list of the “important” meetings, everyone’s address, phone, number and e-mail and other information about the branch.

We’re not that branch! (Halloo to the guys!)  Much of the “yearbook” will be found here on the web site, and, in particular, the branch directory  is available (only to branch members) at Go to the  Member Center > Member Services Database (register if you haven’t and login) and then click the “branch roster”.

On the other hand, without meetings, it’s hard to “get to know” one another — so that we can deliver on the AAUW “value promise” of a community.

  • If you’ d like to explore a new way to connect with your fellow members, you might try Facebook. Several of us are “there” and there is a “Facebook for AAUW” document that explains why some AAUW members are finding it a good platform for sharing AAUW information (and information about each other). [For instance, it’s where Birgit and Nancy — two of your board members — first met.]
  • If you’re more interested in professional networking, you may already have a profile on LinkedIn. If so, do join the AAUW group there to connect with other members from across the country.

While the new tools may seem like more work at first, you may find (as others have) that they help build richer conversations but without the information overload that would quickly set in if those conversations were held in e-mail.

If you’ve other thoughts on how the branch can adapt to new ways of networking, please post a comment.

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