Initial branch financial report

The branch was chartered in November 2008 and opened a checking account and a PayPal account in December 2008. The intent is for all funds to be transferred from PayPal to the checking account by the end of each month. The accounts are, however, kept separate to allow for better tracking of information on individual transactions.


  • New members joining under the 18-month plan are charged $65.50. $49 covers AAUW dues through 6/30/10, $5.50 covers AAUW NC dues through 6/30/09, and $11 is for AAUW NC dues for 6/30/09-6/30/10. In the income report, this is split as $24.50+5.50 ($30) for the current year (FY09) and $24.50+11 ($35.50) for the following year (FY10), though of course, the entire amount is an FY09 expense for the branch.
  • Donations to the branch include $50 from AAUW, the grant to a new branch, and $145 from branch board members.
  • Donations to the branch before it was chartered (including about $250 to print and distribute the initial brochure) are not reflected in this report.

For a copy of the detailed transaction report or if you have any other questions, please contact

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