Proposed branch bylaws for review

The branch is currently working according to working rules approved by the charter members.

It is time to move towards a set of bylaws that conform to the AAUW model branch bylaws.  The branch bylaws committee (Pat Abell, Doris Bernlohr, Nancy Shoemaker) worked with the model branch bylaws as well as resources on alternate branch structures (see

They have produced a document that has been approved by Caroline Pickens,  AAUW Bylaws Chair. We thank Caroline for her time and careful comments.

This document is now ready for review by the branch. If you have any comments on the bylaws, please refer them to Nancy Shoemaker, 919-773-2340, or e-mail which will reach Nancy, Pat and Doris.

Please return your comments as soon as possible. Comments made by February 20 will be considered before a final version of the bylaws is prepared for a vote of approval by the branch. Since we expect to do an electronic vote (without the opportunity for amendments), it is very important that you raise your concerns during this comment period.

Here are the files for your review, as of 2/6/09:

3 responses to “Proposed branch bylaws for review

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  2. There have been no comments or questions about the bylaws. The branch will vote on the bylaws as proposed.

  3. 18 of the 29 branch members voted on the bylaws. The outcome was 17 in favor and one opposed.

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