Public policy briefs

NC Women United, a coalition which includes AAUW North Carolina, will hold its annual Women’s Advocacy Day on Wednesday, April 1.  Details will be announced soon, but the day will include

  • Opportunities to speak to active and knowledgeable advocates about bills related to NCWU priorities that are likely to come before the legislature
  • A press conference that will highlight the importance of these issues
  • Encouragement and materials to speak with your legislators on these issues

As individuals, you are, of course, free to pick and choose the issues you emphasize when you speak with your legislators.

AAUW of North Carolina does, however, endorse some specific issues that are likely to appear on the agenda and you are encouraged to be sure your legislators understand your support. For example:

  • Last spring the board voted to join the coalition supporting paid sick day legislation in 2008. [H1711 and S1092 failed to pass in the 2007-2008 session.]
  • Last fall the board voted to join the coalition supporting the successor to the School Violence Prevention Act [H 1366 failed to pass in the 2007-2008 session; this gives support if a new bill is introduced.]
  • AAUW NC public policy chair Elaine Ostrowski is now leading a discussion of whether AAUW NC should endorse the Healthy Youth Act.  [H 88, the Healthy Youth Act was introduced earlier this month. This bill provides a parental option for sex education.  Talking Points from NARAL NC; Endorsement form for Sex Ed Coalition

If you would like to participate in helping to shape the AAUW NC 2009-2010 public policy program, please contact AAUW NC Public Policy/Advocacy Chair – Elaine Ostrowski. [See for her contact information. ]

8 responses to “Public policy briefs

  1. Re: the Healthy Youth Act –
    See this article from the Sunday, 2/15 Greensboro News and Record:

  2. See also this alert from Planned Parenthood that lets you ask your senator to cosponsor this legislation:

  3. AAUW position paper on abstinence-only sex education:

    Click to access AbstinenceOnlyEducation.pdf

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  5. The Healthy Families and Workplaces Act, H 177, has been introduced in the NC House of Representatives. It requires paid sick days for certain employees. See for the details of the bill

    From the AAUW NC vote last spring, we endorse this legislation in principle.

  6. For more information on the paid sick days issue, see

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