Minutes of 2/11/09 board meeting

The Tar Heel Branch met via conference call on Feb. 11, 2009. Members present were Doris Berlohr, Nancy Shoemaker, Queen Thompson, Judy Atkinson, Bigit Pauli-Haack, and Pat Abell.

The purpose of the meeting was to decide if dues should be charged for the coming year. Doris asked Nancy, as treasurer, to give her assessment of our current financial state and needs for the coming year.

Nancy reported that $150 was collected through donations from board members to cover start up costs.  She recommended no dues for next year.

During discussion other suggestions of $5, $10 and $15 were made. After further discussion, Judy Atkinson moved and Pat Abell seconded and the board voted 3-2 to recommend to the membership that dues be set at $5.00 beginning July 1, for 2009-2010.

Primary members will pay $60 dues + branch dues. The THB has 28 members, 16 primary members and 12 dual members.

Members will be notified about the board recommendation and a ballot for bylaws, officers and dues votes will be sent.

Pat Abell, Appointed Sec.

3 responses to “Minutes of 2/11/09 board meeting

  1. Dear Members, Please note this correction to the minutes recently published.

    Minutes Correction – The Tar Heel Branch “Board” met…
    Pat Abell,
    appointed secretary

  2. 18 of the 29 branch members voted on the dues amount. The result was 17 in favor and 1 opposed.

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