Draft of FY09 Financial Report

Here are two reports on the branch finances for its first fiscal year:

Both document that the branch has a balance of 187.68 at the end of the year.

If you want to see the detailed list of transactions that show the break down of the figures on the cash flow statement, let Nancy know.

We are looking for a volunteer to review the financial records to confirm that these reports match the records and the list of transactions. If you are near Raleigh and want to do this later in the month (after we receive the bank statement), please let Doris or Nancy know.

See also other posts on branch finances.

Thanks to AAUW, AAUW NC and the following members for contributions to the branch during its first year:

Patsy Abell, Statesville
Judy Atkinson, Winston-Salem
Doris Bernlohr, Burlington
Judy Hallman, Chapel Hill
Birgit Pauli-Haack, Naples, FL
Mary Fran Schickedantz, Greensboro
Nancy Shoemaker, Raleigh
Queen Thompson, Charlotte

5 responses to “Draft of FY09 Financial Report

  1. Sandy Slates has agreed to review the records. Watch for an update this fall.

    Thanks, Sandy!

  2. Some additional information to give a complete picture of the finances, particularly because some have asked about the recruiting strategies.

    We all know that members often spend their personal funds on AAUW activities. For this year, at least, we have decided to keep the documentation on those expenses separate from those that go through the branch checkbook and are nominally approved by the branch board. For this fiscal year, those expenses were:

    Administration: $7.42
    Marketing (brochures and postage): $297.42
    Total: $304.84

    Again, these expenses were paid out of personal accounts. Receipts were provided, but these are considered in kind donations to the branch.

  3. Doris Bernlohr


    Good job on this. You have done a terrific job this first year getting our treasury set up. I value your many contributions to the branch.

    Thanks also to members of the board and others who helped get us started by making a financial donation.


  4. Sandy Slates has completed her review. Here is her report on the finances:

    Click to access tar-heel-branch-audit-31-aug-2009.pdf

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