Branch status – 6/30/09

We are proud of

  • 77% renewal rate by the July 1 deadline,
  • 75% increase in the number of members since November, and
  • 85% growth in the number of primary members since the branch was chartered.
  • As of June 30, 20 of the 26 members who joined for 08-09 have renewed, 4 have resigned and 2 are pending.
    • The resignations include two men who were given gift memberships and two dual members from out of state.
    • The renewals include two members who switched their AAUW primary affiliation to this branch.
  • We now have 42 members (counting the two pending) and 24 of them are connected to AAUW primarily through this branch. The 18 others belong to community-based branches as their primary connection – 12 of the 21 other branches in NC and one in PA.
    • 25 were AAUW branch members when joining this branch. Seven of them have transferred their primary membership to the Tar Heel Branch.
    • 7 were at-large AAUW members
    • 5 more were lapsed members
    • 5 are new AAUW members
  • Map of AAUW NC Branches and Tar Heel Branch Members (as of June 20 with 31 members).
  • The branch charter was approved on November 19, 2008, with 24 charter members, 13 for whom this was their primary branch, 11 who were also connected to a community-based branch.

We are now collecting dues for 2009-2010. Branch dues are $5. AAUW and AAUW NC are $49 and $11 respectively, for a total of $65 for members joining through this branch.

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