How to support AAUW programs

Earlier this fall, branch director Pat Abell sent this message to the branch members:

Dear Tar Heel Branch Members,

I joined AAUW because I believe in the many programs that have been developed for the benefit of women and girls. I believe women should be supported to reach their full potential. With just a little help many women can complete their missions and the benefits are reaped by all.

Our support for the many worthwhile grants and scholarships of the Educational Foundation including LAF is sorely needed at this time to continue the work of the organization. You may designate how you want the money to be used. Our branch is encouraged to donate before the end of December to show our interest and to inspire other branches to contribute.

The simplest way to give it to find the large “Donate” area at — or go directly to

As Pat says, with your gift to AAUW you may support many different efforts.

  • If you’ve no strong preference, the “general support” donations are most appreciated.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the different programs, check out this diagram of the funds.
  • If you’d like to support North Carolina priorities, consider –
    • Fellowships > AAUW – Chipley, Ann. This will help bring the Ann Chipley Endowment, honoring a former president of AAUW NC, to the $100,000 level where it will start funding American, International, and Selected Professions fellowships.
    • Research and Project Grants > NC – Charlotte Branch. This will help bring the Charlotte Branch endowment to the $35,000 level where it will start funding Community Action and Career Development Grant

For more on this year’s recipients who are studying or working in North Carolina, see

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