Branch finances 9/30/2009

Here’s a summary report on the branch finances for the first quarter of the fiscal year 7/1/2009 – 6/30/2010. [For details, see Branch Treasurer’s Report 9/30/2009.]

Assets start of year: $187.68 (see account balances in the FY09 report)

Income 7/1/09 – 9/30/09: $29

  • Dues: $15
  • Donations: $14

Expenses 7/1/09 -9/30/09 : None

Assets 9/30/09:  $216.68

Note: On the detailed report there’s a reference to “dues receivable” which represent dues forwarded to AAUW through the “Membership Pilot Program” and not yet returned to the branch. Since Joanne Woodard is a College/University representative, she owes no dues for AAUW NC and the branch, but the system required that we send dues to AAUW as if she were a regular member. For all other members, the dues have been returned in a timely fashion.

FY10 Donors to the branch

  • Doris Bernlohr, Burlington
  • Susan Mason, Brasstown

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Membership Status

The branch has 45 members (43 renewed for 2009-2010). Of the 45 we have 25 primary (24 renewed), 19 dual (18 paid for the branch, AAUW NC, and AAUW), and 1 college/university representative.

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