Treasurer’s Report – 12/31/09

Here are the financial reports for the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year:

The branch has $240.65 in the bank, and raised 52.97 more than it spent in the first six months of the year. Income included $15 in dues, $39 in donations, and $15.04 in documented inkind contributions.

The branch has 43 members as of 12/31/09: 24 primary, 18 dual, and 1 college/university representative.

If you have questions or want more details on the transactions, please contact Nancy Shoemaker.

2 responses to “Treasurer’s Report – 12/31/09

  1. As of today, we have two more primary members (those who join the branch without first belonging to another branch). Our numbers make us a mid-size branch among those in North Carolina. See 2/1/2009 membership counts.) I believe we have more primary members than any other virtual branch in the country.

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