AAUW information for your 2009 taxes

If you are starting to work on your 2009 taxes, you may want to collect all the information about your donations to AAUW. For small donations, AAUW does not provide a specific receipt, but you can find detailed information on your giving history on AAUW.org in the “Member Services Database”:

  • Go to www.aauw.org
  • Click the “Member Center” menu item and login with your member id. [If you’ve forgotten your member id, you can find it using  the id lookup form.]
  • Click the “Member Services Database” link under the “Member Center” menu item.
  • Login to the system. [You’ll need your member id and a password. If you haven’t set up your password, look for the “register” link, and follow the instructions.  If you have trouble registering, check that the right e-mail address is on file for you and let Nancy know if it needs to be corrected. If there are other issues with registering contact connect@aauw.org.]
  • Click the “My Profile/My Membership Card” at the top of the left hand menu. You’ll see a page with a list of your contributions and your dues payments for the last 24 months.

A few reminders

  • For 2009, $46 of the $49 you paid in AAUW dues is tax deductible as a charitable contribution (even though it is listed under “Dues”). The other $3 went to the AAUW Action Fund and is not tax deductible (even though it is listed under “Contributions”).
  • For more about the tax deductible status of AAUW dues see this briefing on national dues.
  • Dues paid to the branch ($5) and to AAUW NC ($11) are not charitable contributions, but may be deductible as professional expenses.

Feel free to post comments/questions here or on the Facebook version of this message, but please contact your tax adviser for questions specific to your own tax situation.

Of course, you are encouraged to start 2010 right! Once you are logged into the Member Services Database, check out the “Individual Contributions”  menu item to see how easy it is to make a contribution to one of the AAUW funds. Thanks, all!

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