Debt Ceiling Discounts

A primary purpose of the AAUW Tar Heel Branch is to connect members to AAUW NC and AAUW — to provide a community for those who might not be members or who would join only the national organization.

With that in mind, we devote a large portion of our budget to membership discounts — funded both by discounts AAUW provides in connection with recruiting new members and by contributions to the branch. In our first two years, those discounts were used for new members. This year the board  approved using some of the discounts for renewals as well. The following message was sent to primary members who had not renewed as of September 1. The board will evaluate this program and announce whether it will continue before the renewal notices are sent for 2012-2013.

Announcing Debt Ceiling Discounts

We realize that the economic situation has affected many of our members, and we also know that now, perhaps more than ever, an AAUW membership can be a lifeline to advocacy and other information that will affect women’s economic future. Therefore, the branch wants to do what it can to ensure that our members stay connected to AAUW.

If renewing at the full $65 will hit your personal debt ceiling, the branch will accept less than full dues for 2011-2012. If you can, we recommend that you pay at least $40 so that the branch can continue its other programs, but we will accept as little as $20 and get you renewed through 6/30/2012. For any students for whom $17 is too much, we recommend $10 and will accept $5.

To renew under this plan, please make your check payable to “AAUW Tar Heel Branch” and send it with a note referencing “Debt Ceiling Discount” to the address in our contacts.

NOTE: Renewing under this plan means that you do find your AAUW membership valuable and worth the usual amount, but that amount just isn’t realistic for you this year. If AAUW just isn’t for you, we wish you well and understand your decision to drop your membership.

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  2. The board approved using these for 2012-2013 renewals.

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