2011-2012 branch budget

The branch budget was reviewed by the members of the Action list (the board and others concerned with the business of the branch) and approved by the board with a unanimous e-mail vote on May 22.

The following message was a clarification in response to a question about the budget:

The “program” line item is new this year as our financial situation becomes more stable and we have more members paying dues. The money on that line could be used for

  • buying pizza (or cookies or ??) for a small group meeting — maybe on a campus — for members and prospects
  • mailing expenses for a branch DVD club (e.g.. sharing a copy of “Iron Jawed Angels” to show at a small group meeting).
  • expenses of a larger meeting that might, for example, require a certificate of insurance
  • webinar charges for a virtual meeting on a topic of AAUW importance

Other items that have been in our budget include

  • Marketing is what we spend on brochures and materials for booths at statewide events, AAUW NC meetings, etc. For instance we will take some of our brochures and handouts to the AAUW convention to explain our model.
  • Membership is primarily spent on discounted memberships (some funded with credits from AAUW membership campaigns)
  • Communications covers the web site and occasional expenses like the drawing to encourage people to submit pictures
  • Administration covers PayPal fees, office supplies, postage, etc.

Bottom line is that we do have more expenses than a strictly “online” branch because we do encourage “real life” interactions — both to support our current members and to recruit new ones.

Note that the budget does not include national/state dues and other pass through amounts — just the money that the branch controls.

4 responses to “2011-2012 branch budget

  1. The budget was approved by an email vote of the board which was completed on May 22, 2010.

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  4. During the discussion of the Debt Ceiling Discounts, it was noted that the branch actually has five membership credits ($245) to use in 2011-2012, not three (as in the $147 in the budget). Two of those must be used for new members. The budget will be adjusted as we see the results of the program to provide discounts to renewing members.

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