Slate for 2014-2015

Here is information on the nominees for the branch board for 2014-2015:

President: Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans joined AAUW in 2010.  She is a native of North Carolina.  In 1990, Michelle received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from North Carolina State University followed by a Master of Business Administration from Meredith College in 1996.  Michelle has worked for the Duke University School of Medicine for the past 16 years.  Currently, she serves as the Assistant Director of Education in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics and has responsibility of overseeing the department’s educational operation including two master’s degree programs and a doctoral program.  Michelle is a Past President of Business and Professional Women (BPW) of North Carolina and served as BPW/Triangle and BPW/Raleigh President.  In the past, Michelle has served on the Executive Committee of North Carolina Women United, a coalition that works for equity for North Carolinian women.  Michelle served on the branch board in 2011-2012 and was reappointed to the board to serve for part of the 2012-2013 year.  This year, Michelle is serving as Co-President of the branch with Nancy Shoemaker.

Treasurer: Lyndee Champion Ivey

Lyndee is a native of North Carolina and lived in the Raleigh/Durham area until 2001 when she moved to Charlotte. She attended Duke University and was employed there for 13 years working in graduate student affairs. While living in Durham she was an active volunteer and instructor for the American Red Cross in Health and Safety Services and Disaster Relief. She is now employed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an Executive Assistant to the Provost.

Prior to college Lyndee enlisted in the US Army Reserves where she met her husband, David. She and her husband have one son, Joshua who is eight and keeps them both very busy. Lyndee enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, traveling, and riding motorcycles with her husband.

She has been serving as branch treasurer since July 1, 2011. She joined the Charlotte branch as a dual member in 2013. Lyndee is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Association of Professional Women.

Candidates for Directors at Large

Karla Atkinson

Karla Atkinson has been a member of AAUW NC since moving to Brevard, NC in 1994. She received a BA from Kalamazoo College and a MA  from Western Michigan University. She also holds a Paralegal Degree from Davenport College.

Karla has served as secretary, public relations chair, booksale coordinator and president in her Brevard branch. She has served at the state level as Secretary (under then President Nancy Shoemaker) and Co-President of AAUW NC (with Lill VanOrder). She has one year remaining in her current term as AAUW NC Vice President, with major responsibility for communication and publishing the Tar Heel News. Karla has been a part of two restructuring processes at the state level. She was instrumental in developing the Public Policy Project (PPP) last year and continues to advise the PPP leadership team. She joined the branch board in 2013.

She believes that the Tar Heel branch, as a model for “virtual” AAUW membership, is an ideal recruiting tool for attracting a broad, younger base of new members, particularly at the post secondary level.  Her goal for the Tar Heel Branch is to involve more members in public policy, using every avenue of electronic communication available to each member, to influence legislation and state/federal election outcomes.

Chesney Reich

Chesney Reich has served as a University representative for Western Carolina University (WCU) since 2011. She is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of Appalachian State University, where she earned a Master of English Education. She has directed tutoring programs at WCU since 2000. Over the last several years, Chesney has been involved in a number of women’s advocacy efforts, including participation in WCU’s annual Gender Conference and fundraising activities for local domestic violence prevention programs.

Diane Schneider

Diane Schneider, a native of New York, attended college in Virginia, earning her B.S. in Elementary Education at James Madison University (1973) and both her Masters degree in Special Education/Learning Disabilities (1977) and her Doctor of Education degree/Education Leadership & Policy Studies (1992) at the University of Virginia. She has taught grades K-12 in both the regular classroom and programs for special needs students, over the course of her careeer, in both private and public schools. Currently, Diane is working as an educational consultant and private tutor in the greater Charlotte area.

Diane joined the Charlottesville, VA branch of AAUW in the late 1970’s. After relocating to NC in 1983, working, parenting and studying kept her away from an organization she truly believed in. She was happy to re-connect with AAUW in Charlotte about nine years ago. She served as branch vice president/program chair from 2007-2009, at which point she was elected branch president. She served in that office for two consecutive terms-2009-2013. She was active in planning and organizing the AAUW-NC Convention in April of 2010. It was then that she joined the newly-formed THB. Since there was no VP during her 4-years as president, she continued acting as program chair through 2013.

Recently, Diane and another branch member audited the THB financial records, with assistance from treasurer Lyndee Champion Ivey. She just completed serving on the 2014 nominating committee for the branch, making the decision to volunteer to be one of the board candidates. She hopes to be elected as a “director at large” where she will have the opportunity to support the branch’s mission and help maintain its special impact on members throughout the year ahead.

Lill Van Order

Lill has been active in AAUW since moving to Wilmington, NC in July of 1996. She was the secretary of the Wilmington branch, served as president and co-president 1999-2003 in two consecutive terms. Shortly after that she became involved at the state level as the LAF liaison. At that time she also served on state nominating committees. While she was working for AAUW NC the state went through a structure change and she served as co administrator with Karla Atkinson in the pilot year of the new structure. Her most recent work at the state level was the revision of the state bylaws to reflect the new structure. During this time Lill became a dual member of the Tar Heel branch. Last fiscal year (2013-14) she was elected to the THB Board of Directors and worked with membership.

Lill retired from a career as school librarian in June 2012. She has a passion for education of our youth especially girls and for the environment. Volunteering for AAUW and local environmental organizations seems to be a good match. Lill likes the online branch model and its mission and would like to continue serving on the board.

Christi Whitworth

Christi Whitworth is Education Director at Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, located in Rosman, North Carolina. She plans to strengthen the AAUW commitment to STEM Education Programming in North Carolina. She worked with gifted students and science education in Tennessee public schools before moving into informal education in 2005 while living in Texas. She has worked as a science educator and then Education Director at PARI since 2006. She has been a member of AAUW since 2010.

As Education Director at PARI, she maintains, manages and creates programming for PARI’s StarLab portable planetarium, science education, and outreach programs including homeschool programs, distance learning and citizen science programming. She also serves as the collaborative lead for the North Carolina Girls STEM Collaborative in affiliation with the National Girls Collaborative Project. The collaboratives work to connect programs and resources across the state of North Carolina in the effort to encourage, mentor and promote organizations that serve girls in STEM fields and builds strong connections between the girls and future careers.

The slate was recruited by the branch nominating committee:

  • Doris Bernlohr, chair
  • Jean D’Addario
  • Diane Schneider

and presented to the branch board before being posted here.

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