Board Action, March 2014

After discussion at the previous meeting, three documents were sent to the branch action list for review and comment:

  • Branch bylaws with mandatory changes (Feb. 25)
    Information on mandatory changes can be found at The board was asked to agree that the changes were mandatory or editorial, and so could be submitted to AAUW without a vote of the branch.
  • Branch policies with changes including formalizing the discount policy for financial hardship (Mar. 2)
    The substantive changes here were discussed on the last board conference call.
  • Branch budget for 2013-2014 (Mar. 9)
    This will guide branch spending until June 30, 2014. It is our intention to produce a 2014-2015 budget much earlier.

There were no additional issues raised about the documents, and so approval of all three was put to a vote of the branch board. Four of the seven board members voted to approve these documents.

Details of the vote are in the AAUW NC SurveyMonkey account.

One response to “Board Action, March 2014

  1. When the new bylaws and policies were posted on this site as approved, the versions had updated headers and footers and so differ slightly from the ones linked in this post. See for the new versions.

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