Branch supports PearlHacks, an all-female hackathon

We’re pleased to announce that the branch is a supporter of PearlHacks, and event at UNC Chapel Hill, starting this afternoon and running overnight into tomorrow, bringing together college and high school women and mentors from area companies for a “hackathon” — challenging them all to build something new and revolutionary.

We provided copies of the summary of the AAUW report “Why So Few: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”, student affiliate brochures, and general info on AAUW and its STEM efforts. We also provided some AAUW swag for prizes, and some funds to help defray the participants travel expenses.

Watch for info about the event, and congratulations to the undergraduate women who planned and executed this first of its kind event on the campus. Also check out their Resources page for key documents related to women and stem.

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