2016 Member Survey

This survey was sent to branch members via a SurveyGizmo survey email. Of the 92 branch members who received the email, 44 responses were completed between March 6 and March 29. Twenty-three (23) responses were received in the first week. Three email reminders were sent garnering additional responses after each reminder.

The Board specifically chose the questions to find areas for future growth rather than copying the previous two surveys (2010 and 2013). The results from those two surveys are available on the website.

Key findings (and differences from previous surveys)

  • AAUW advocacy was the program most selected which corresponds to the two previous surveys. AAUW programs such as Start Smart & STEM was chosen second most followed closely by AAUW like NCCWSL.
  • The League of Women Voters was the most mentioned organization with a similar mission where members participate.
  • Networking and State issues are the most mentioned benefits members receive from the State and THB.
  • Time was the most mentioned thing that could be offered by members to assist in meeting AAUW’s mission.
  • Keeping members informed was the most mentioned item listed in what the branch is doing well.
  • The most preferred method of communication is email. Second most preferred is nearly a tie between Facebook and Video conference/Teleconference/Webinar. Are these responses based on the age of the group?
  • Of the thirteen options for participating in AAUW programming five topics were selected by at least half of the respondents: Visiting the national website, visiting the state website, visiting the branch website, keeping up with Email from the branch email list, and taking action on an action alert from AAUW.
  • Webinar was the most selected additional method of participation in programming; however, only thirty respondents answered the question. The next most selected was working with a specific project.
  • There is interest in having branch face-to-face programming. Nearly half the respondents were interested in additional face-to-face programming.

Read the detailed report: 2016 Member Survey Results

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