Proposed changes to the branch bylaws

[This was sent to the AAUW NC bylaws committee and the branch board on Jan. 14.  A comment period is now open for the branch members before our vote later this spring.]

Current Bylaws

Address the need for branch votes between meetings


Our bylaws cover a process for voting electronically in the election and to change the bylaws, but didn’t have a section covering electronic votes in special cases. There are times when such votes are needed — for instance, until the state moves away from the delegate system we need a way to certify our delegates to the annual meeting of AAUW NC. This change uses the language from the bylaws section on the votes of the board and applies it to branch business as well. Note that the process we are currently using for the voting is described in branch June 2009 policy document.



2. In Article XII, add the following as a new section:

Section 6. A written, conference call, or electronic vote may be taken at the request of the president on any question submitted to all voting members of the branch provided that every voting member shall have an opportunity to vote on the question submitted. Voting will close by a specified time, and be by a process announced with the ballot and approved by the board. If 20% of the members shall vote on a question so submitted, the votes shall be counted and shall have the same effect as if cast at a branch meeting. The result of the vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the next branch meeting.

Make list of officers conform to current practice


Before the changes at the June 2009 convention, the AAUW bylaws required branches and states to have a certain set of officers. While this assignment of responsibility may make for a stronger and more active branch, our branch, in particular, has no need for all of these committees and officers. In the current AAUW bylaws, this requirement was lifted, and this change brings the branch bylaws into compliance with our practice.


Article VII. Officers

Section 2. The president, with the approval of the board, shall may appoint members to fulfill the functions of secretary, program, membership, public policy, finance, fundraising, and communications, and other functions required suggested by AAUW or approved by the board. These positions may be held either by members of the board or by other branch members. The terms of these appointments may be for any time period appropriate for the position.

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