Thanks to our donors!

The following branch members made

  • A contribution to AAUW Funds during calendar year 2013 and credited to the Tar Heel Branch. (Total: $3295, highest in the state. Details on state 2013 contributions) and/or
  • A contribution to the branch between 7/1/2013 and today.

Abell, Patsy
Atkinson, Karla
Bernlohr, Doris
Gallucci, Kathy
Hallman, Judith
Imgrund, Janice
Jennings, Dana
Keller, Marie (Bea)
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lambert, Naomi
Maiz-Pena, Magdalena
Novello, Caroline
Pearre, Kathleen
Shoemaker, Nancy
Stephenson, Martha

Special thanks to Dave Kirkwood, a member of the AAUW national board, whose contributions have been very significant in lifting the total and per capita figures for the branch.

If there are any errors, please write

Please note that you can easily include a donation to AAUW if you renew your membership online through If you renew through the branch, you can include extra in your check or use the donate link online. Just  tell us how you’d like the extra money allocated.

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