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Financial Report – March 2014

Here is the report on the branch finances as of 3/31/2014.

It shows the branch is in good financial shape, so if you have a project to recommend, write info@tarheel.aauwnc.org or join the branch action list (subscribe here) and pitch it to that group of folks who are interested in the nuts and bolts of running the branch.

Thanks to those who have made donations to the branch (since 6/30/2013) or to AAUW (during 2013):

Abell, Patsy
Atkinson, Karla
Bernlohr, Doris
D’Addario Jean
Evans, Michelle
Gallucci, Kathy
Hallman, Judith
Heath, Jaquelin
Hill, Joanne
Imgrund, Janice
Jennings, Dana
Keller, Marie (Bea)
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lambert, Naomi
Madden, Robbie
Maiz-Pena, Magdalena
McLaurin, Sandra
Mengert, Sue
Novello, Caroline
Pearre, Kathleen
Shoemaker, Nancy
Stephenson, Martha

Thanks to our donors!

The following branch members made

  • A contribution to AAUW Funds during calendar year 2013 and credited to the Tar Heel Branch. (Total: $3295, highest in the state. Details on state 2013 contributions) and/or
  • A contribution to the branch between 7/1/2013 and today.

Abell, Patsy
Atkinson, Karla
Bernlohr, Doris
Gallucci, Kathy
Hallman, Judith
Imgrund, Janice
Jennings, Dana
Keller, Marie (Bea)
Kirkwood, David
Knechtel, Grace
Lambert, Naomi
Maiz-Pena, Magdalena
Novello, Caroline
Pearre, Kathleen
Shoemaker, Nancy
Stephenson, Martha

Special thanks to Dave Kirkwood, a member of the AAUW national board, whose contributions have been very significant in lifting the total and per capita figures for the branch.

If there are any errors, please write treasurer@tarheel.aauwnc.org.

Please note that you can easily include a donation to AAUW if you renew your membership online through www.aauw.org. If you renew through the branch, you can include extra in your check or use the donate link online. Just  tell us how you’d like the extra money allocated.

Board Action, March 2014

After discussion at the previous meeting, three documents were sent to the branch action list for review and comment:

  • Branch bylaws with mandatory changes (Feb. 25)
    Information on mandatory changes can be found at www.aauw.org. The board was asked to agree that the changes were mandatory or editorial, and so could be submitted to AAUW without a vote of the branch.
  • Branch policies with changes including formalizing the discount policy for financial hardship (Mar. 2)
    The substantive changes here were discussed on the last board conference call.
  • Branch budget for 2013-2014 (Mar. 9)
    This will guide branch spending until June 30, 2014. It is our intention to produce a 2014-2015 budget much earlier.

There were no additional issues raised about the documents, and so approval of all three was put to a vote of the branch board. Four of the seven board members voted to approve these documents.

Details of the vote are in the AAUW NC SurveyMonkey account.

Financial Report – 3/7/2014

The branch financial report, and the proposed budget for FY14, have been prepared:

The following projects have affected the finances since July 1:

  • The Wake County group raised $120 to fund a $100 contribution to the Wake County League of Women Voters for an  online voter guide for the 2013 school board elections. The extra $20 will be re-characterized as a contribution to the branch and moved to the main account before the year-end report is prepared.
  • Eight members contributed $5 each to the branch purchase of name badges. The branch picked up the remainder of the cost as a marketing expense.
  • Program funds have been spent to support a STEM event at UNC-Chapel Hill on March 22 (PearlHacks), and for support of the Vance-Granville Campus Action Grant project, where the branch is the AAUW contact.

FY13 Financial Report

Here’s the report on the branch finances for 7/1/2012 to 6/30/2013.

After about five years, the branch is on a solid financial basis, and able to fulfill the financial obligations.

One aspect of our finances that is different from other branches is that we maintain a separate account to fund local projects (which must have their income balance their expenses). The only “local group” (defined in our bylaws) to take advantage of this has been Wake County which both co-sponsored a League of Women Voters event and was the fiscal agent for the Wake County Women’s Agenda Assembly. Details of the Wake WAA finances (including a donation to NC Women United, the statewide sponsor of the Agenda Assemblies) are posted on their web site.

Members in other areas of the state — especially where there is no local branch — are welcome to contact info@tarheel.aauwnc.org to learn more about the branch being a fiscal agent.

FY12 Annual Report

The branch financial report was prepared last fall and branch members Diane Schneider and Bonnie Will met with treasurer Lyndee Champion-Ivey to go over her records for 7/1/2011-6/30/2012 and   verified that the report below accurately represents the branch finances.

The first page of that report is a summary that shows that for the year we had

  • Income: 780.05 (other than pass through amounts)
  • Expenses: 639.66
  • Year end assets (cash): 835.73
  • Year end membership credits: 1@$49

The report shows our major expenses are for membership recruitment and retention, and that we are living within our means even though our dues are only $5.

Budget for 2012-2013

With an online vote in August the branch board approved the following budget for 2012-2013. Nancy Shoemaker presided. All other board members (Lyndee Champion Ivey, Mari Pino del Rosario, Grace Knechtel, Monique Stamps, Cheryl Waters-Tormey, and Carol Zellen) voted in favor of adopting this budget.

Local dues 550
Membership Credits 147
Donations to the branch 200
Administration 150
Marketing 150
Membership 250
Public Policy 50
Fundraising 50
Communications 50
Programs 150

May 2012 Financial Report

Here is the financial report that will be used in discussions of the 2012-2013 budget.

AAUW Tar Heel Branch Finances: May 5, 2012

Additional details are available from treasurer@tarheel.aauwnc.org

Jan. 31 Finance Report

Here is the financial statement for the branch for the period 7/1/2011 – 1/31/2012:

The branch continues on a sound financial footing with total cash assets of nearly $800 . If you want more detailed inforamtion, please contact treasurer@tarheel.aauwnc.org.

Our debt ceiling discount program did not adversely affect the branch finances:

  • Four people took advantage of the discounts, paying a total of $120
  • The branch owed AAUW/AAUW NC a total of $240 for their national and state dues.
  • However, the branch used two $49 credits from AAUW to partially cover the dues, and so used only $22 ($240-98-120) from the branch funds to keep those four people connected to AAUW.

Debt Ceiling Discounts

A primary purpose of the AAUW Tar Heel Branch is to connect members to AAUW NC and AAUW — to provide a community for those who might not be members or who would join only the national organization.

With that in mind, we devote a large portion of our budget to membership discounts — funded both by discounts AAUW provides in connection with recruiting new members and by contributions to the branch. In our first two years, those discounts were used for new members. This year the board  approved using some of the discounts for renewals as well. The following message was sent to primary members who had not renewed as of September 1. The board will evaluate this program and announce whether it will continue before the renewal notices are sent for 2012-2013.

Announcing Debt Ceiling Discounts

We realize that the economic situation has affected many of our members, and we also know that now, perhaps more than ever, an AAUW membership can be a lifeline to advocacy and other information that will affect women’s economic future. Therefore, the branch wants to do what it can to ensure that our members stay connected to AAUW.

If renewing at the full $65 will hit your personal debt ceiling, the branch will accept less than full dues for 2011-2012. If you can, we recommend that you pay at least $40 so that the branch can continue its other programs, but we will accept as little as $20 and get you renewed through 6/30/2012. For any students for whom $17 is too much, we recommend $10 and will accept $5.

To renew under this plan, please make your check payable to “AAUW Tar Heel Branch” and send it with a note referencing “Debt Ceiling Discount” to the address in our contacts.

NOTE: Renewing under this plan means that you do find your AAUW membership valuable and worth the usual amount, but that amount just isn’t realistic for you this year. If AAUW just isn’t for you, we wish you well and understand your decision to drop your membership.